A butterflies kiss on razor blade lips
The moon as the sun; a fading eclipse
As free as the stars but trapped inside
A worthless body drowning in a pool of lies
Trying to break free like a man on death row
With hidden secrets, not wanting anyone to know
Faces under make-up, clean and true
What once was old, has now become new
It's the meaningful things that carry the hate
What are true feelings and what ones are fake?
All the answers in life come from the unknown
Everyone's confused but no one wants it to show
It's like gravity in space, it doesn't exist
It's like trying to see clearly through thick, heavy mist
So truth becomes uncommon and denial will rise
And the truth becomes coated in a "comfort disguise"
So now life's lived in fear of complete honesty
With arrogance taking over, killing all modesty
Leaving all dreams shattered like broken glass
Trying to hold onto to nothing, 'cause it never lasts
And hope is dying like a home up in flames
No one wants to be responsible; let's all shift the blame
We all want something minus the strings attached
And with consequences banished, it would be the perfect match
But what would happen if it all turned out wrong?
What would happen if people sung different songs?
The world spawns hate, love's only a feeling that's believed
It's just a form of escapism, like the world on T.V.
But naivety remains and people get hurt
Life's just a chance to get walked over like dirt
But what would happen if we could choose the course of life?
Would we all live forever, and would death finally die?