Clear of the Moon,
Inspired by the song Clair du Lune by Debussy

Rebecca sits alone by a pale lake. Its twilight, her favourite time of the day. A time she feels real magic has a chance of happening. She glances around and finds herself alone, except for a few birds resting by the lake's calm surface. Their lonely calls, part of the only music Rebecca can hear. Their calls the bass supporting the soft breeze as it sounds, like quiet notes of a violin solo.

She gasps in delight as the dark night's first star emerges into brilliance and winks at her, as it were an invitation to dance. Smiling, Rebecca stands and curtsies to the handsome star. She begins to dance alone on the sand. She feels strange for a second, but this moment is too beautiful to feel strange in. She waltzes into the warm lake, where her star casts down a radiant light on the rippling water, making it glisten like diamonds.

Rebecca feels her damp feet lift from the water and settle on the silver surface of the lake. She continues to dance upon it, till she reaches the middle of the shimmering lake.

Rebecca peers upwards at her winking star. Her feet lift off the lake and she begins to ascend above the lake. She spins playfully in a circle, watching the sparkling lake's waves caress the shore.

She glances back at her star only to see that it is not a star, but a prince beckoning her to come with him. They meet and grasp each other's hands and begin to fly high above the lake towards the Moon, leaving a glittering trail behind them. The lake is now only a speck of silver far below. Rebecca and the Prince briefly pause and look at each other.

"Who are you? How is this possible?" asks Rebecca.

"I am Prince Merrick of the Moon. And this is possible because those who work for the dreams they really believe in, will find their hopes are real." says Merrick, "Come with me Rebecca. Please come with my to my home on the Moon."

Rebecca thinks silently for a moment, then frowns.

"Would I ever be able to come back to Earth?" she questions.

The Prince looks soulfully at Rebecca, and then he lowers his eyes.

"No. You would have to stay on the Moon forever," Merrick states, "But you would be happy on the Moon. We need more dreamers and believers of the fantastic among us."

To leave behind the life she knew for a life she had never thought possible, trills and scares Rebecca. She longs to go, but can't see why this handsome Prince would want her to go.

"Why me?" Rebecca simply asks.

Prince Merrick laughs softly and steps closer to Rebecca.

"On the Moon, its your beautiful and unique soul we see, not the body. We have this naturally. However, the people we bring to the Moon from Earth are treasured. We treasure those, who on Earth, looked through people's bodies through their shining souls. These are the ones who are worthy of the Moon, and of the peaceful existence we have there. And you, dear Rebecca are one of the worthiest. You deserve the Moon because of your gorgeous heart." he whispers as he gives her a soft kiss.

Rebecca looks into Merrick's eyes, and can see he is telling the truth.

"Ok. I will come." she says through joyful tears.

Holding on to Earth others hands, they are drawn heaven-wards to the Moon. As they soar higher, Rebecca's eyes slowly change, and she can now see the inner beauty of Merrick's soul, and the soul of the Moon. She smiles as she comes home.