She Runs

She's awake, but she's tired still.
She thinks she can't do it, but she knows she will.
She's seen the way they run, with their eyes full of fear.
She's a little too distant, but she's still right here.
She knows the way they sit with their heads in their hands
means they can't take it, and she understands.

She's trying to forget all the things she hasn't been told
She's trying to let go of everything she just can't hold.

About the time they caught her was when she fell apart.
They took away her smiles and left daggers in her heart.
Now she's scared of anything resembling a knife,
But she'll fear it even more when it takes away her life.
She's on fire yet again and she can't believe her ears,
because their lips are forming words (that) she's trying not to hear.

She's got thunder in her soul, she's got fire in her eyes
She's a wonder to behold, but she's nothing more than lies.