An enduring fleck of cerulean sorrow
A gilded globe of celestial remorse
Seeping down the silver-splashed lips
And gleaming flurried cheeks
Adorned with fluttered sparkle blush
Of lucent seraph's stardust

A single bead of wistful jewel
Carved with blades of wailing ash
Leaking down that sheen of opal flesh
In viscous, moonbeam streams
Of indigo mascara rays
A shaft of flickered gloss
From slaughtered twilight long illumined
By lethal sunlit slashes

A silent spatter of crescent tears
Sprinkled upon the wandering sea
Of murky raven waves
In glitzy glints of Heaven's painted pain
Enveloped in the sightless crests
Of the night's eternal ennui
Its distant waterfall of dusk.