The air was filled with an eerie sense of morbidity and darkness. The rain fell in sheets, ignoring the angry rustling of the trees and plants that desperately tried to right themselves as the hectic storm continued without respite. The drops cutting through the air and splashing about as they finally hit their target, which would be anything in their way. A lone figure stalked through the winds and rain, his posture showing that he was quite indifferent to Mother Nature's wrath . He wore a long cloak that was heavy due to the pieces of metal that were laced onto it, a hood drawn over his face, a large red scarf covering the rest of it, leaving only a small slit for the traveler to see through. His frame was muscular although quite lithe, it was clear that this man was in good phyiscal condition. On his back, a large sheath that was both elegant nad looked quite deadly, it stood defiantly on his back; an aura of arrogance seemed to emit from it. At first glance, it would intimidate most due to its size which was clearly 6 feet in length, 3 feet in width, which meant that the beast that it housed was even deadlier then most could infer from the sight of the sheath alone. It's hilt had a strange design. It was long, a good eight inches and almost as thick. It was wrapped with a strange emerald colored fabric, that was somewhat rough and most likely put on the sword for grip. The traveling man stopped in the middle of a meadow, as the rain drops began to pelt him even harder. He stared at the rolling hillsides that formed the meadow, staring as if he were waiting for some sort of sign. It was when a bolt of lightning cut open the downcast sky the traveling man casually threw a glance over his right shoulder. There he saw another man, taller then he was, and dressed in clothing that seemed quite bizarre.

His height was almost that of eight feet, his garments consisted of a long blue robe with stripes of gold near the end. His face if you could call it that, was nothing more than the skull of some strange beast from far away lands. It had a peculiar hue of crimson, and two devilsh horns that seemed to goad any who stared at this hulking figure. The man in the hood, lifted his head, another flash of lightning giving off enough illumination for his face to be seen. His skin was a dark hue of red and scaly, his eyes were orange and had seen their fair share of battles. He had no nose but more of a snout, with two nostrils that made miniscule movements due to the passing and exhaling of oxygen. The skull faced man spook first,"You. I never would have expected a dragon to be the one they would sent." His voice was ethereal like, almost as if it were not of this world. A long string of crashing thunder echoed in the distance, neither men paying mind to it, waiting patiently for Mother Nature's little tirade to end. As soon as it did, the dragon responded,"My heritage doesn't mean anything in terms of my occupation, Vasiker." Vasiker took two steps towards the dragon, "Of course, I only expected your people would not concern themselves with the rest of the world, especially one like yourself, Arokh." Arokh grinned, showing his many fang like teeth,"I'm dissapointed Vasiker. I would've expected you of all people to give me more credit then that." The rain continued to fall, harder and harder, as the wind became more like a tempest , both men carried out their conversation nonchalantly, paying no heed to the storm, it was hardly even an incovenenice to them."You know why I'm here." Vaskier said, his voice as inhuman as before. Arokh said nothing, his eyes focused on the dark sockets that served as Vaskier's own instrument of visions.

Again a clash of thunder and lightning, both elemental forces combining in a fierce showing of Mother Nature's contempt for the two men that were engaged in simple decorum while surrounded by her anger as if it were nothing. She could not accept the fact that these mortals, mere mortals were not running for cover. And it was then the storm began to falter as if Nature herself had realized something, these men weren't mortals, no far from it. "This meeting of ours seems very nostalgic wouldn't you think?" Arokh asked, a few beads of rain slipping off the brim of his hood. He turned his back towards Vaskier, his eyes focused on the sky, clouds parting hastily, in an unnatural fashion. Vaskier let out a chilling laugh, the ground underneath both of them shaking from the eerie vibrations that were sent out from him," Nostalgic or not, Arokh, I assure you that my intentions are the same as before." His tone changed dramatically within that sentence. Arokh turned back a round, his eyes once again focused on Vasiker's. Demon, you've had your chance and you failed. A ghastly voice exclaimed. It's eerie tone was sharp and precise, like a hot knife through butter. Vaskier's hollowed out eyes began to glow dimly, "Zantesuken, wielded by the son of Drago, how ironic." He said, eyeing the strange sword on the dragon's back. It itself seemed to pulse,"Do not dare to mock me Vaskier. Although my form may be different, I still possess the power to vanquish you as I did centuries ago "Centuries ago, Zantesuken, you weren't tied down to a mere child's back." Vasiker goaded. Arokh smirked, this entire exchange between the two "entities" was strangely amusing. You laugh child? Zantesuken exclaimed Have respect! If I were not tied to you, you would be swimming in your own blood by now! "Quiet! Your threats are meaningless!.".Arokh snapped back. It was enough to shut his sword up. Vasiker laughed,"it's been centuries, yet your personality still hasn't changed Zantesuken." Arokh cocked his head back,"You should be the last to say such things, you still reek of rancid corpses." A stench you have carried for centuries. The sword added laughing ferociously, it's voice echoed amongst the meadow, which was now silent, since the storm had just about completely dispersed.

"I must say, that was quite a waste of time." Vasiker said, his cape waving about although no breeze blew. "And I see you still decide not to take up my offer." You're lack of intelligence still causes my being much anguish. Arokh couldn't help but laugh at this remark, his neck muscles rippling with each bellow of laughter. Vaskier's hollowed eyes began to resonate with a pallid yellow light intensely, "I must admit, Zantesuken, you still have quite the tongue." His voice did not rise in volume but it was dripping with malice ,"And as for you Arokh, I shall soon see your soul squirming under my thumb." With that, a large scythe materialized in front of Vaskier, it had a long staff that was adorned with skulls and a blade that seemed to scream for blood. Arokh's eyes were filled with apathy, as Vaskier became more flustered.. The Reaper wishes to fight. Give him what he wants boy. Zantesuken stated, his own ethereal like voice filled with a tone that was similar to Viskier's moments prior to his calling of his own weapon. Arokh smirked, and drew Zantesuken slowly. He clasped the great sword in his hands which were bandaged for some unknown reason. The sword itself was quite odd looking. The blade stretched out to the tip of the blade and came back in an exaggerated crescent shape,. Near the hilt was a large eye, it's pupil serpent like, it shifted from side to side until it finally came upon the figure of Vaskier. Ahh, you appearance has not changed either, I see hygiene is an insignificant factor for you. "You are correct in that statement, when the only scent that emanates from your body is that of the dead, nothing else matters." Vaskier replied calmly, his weapon waiting patiently in his bone like hand. The wind blew a rush of stale air entering Arokh's nostrils. He snorted, forcing the putrid smell out. He recognized the stench, it was the smell of a battlefield several days after, when the only living thing was left were the scavengers feeding on the carrion that lay around.

"You've given me no alternative, Arokh." Vaskier said. Arokh cocked his back arrogantly. "It's time you get over it." He retorted. Vaskier shook his head slowly, "You arrogant fool. So be it." He grasped his scythe tighter with one bony hand and placed it on his shoulder. It rested there for a just a moment, the serpent like pupil of Zantesuken closed and opened, staring at Vaskier,"I shall enjoy destroying you Vaskier." Zantsuekn said. Vaskier laughed, his ragged voice echoing over the hilltops. "Idle threats are wastes of time, Zantesuken, as your master told you before." He answered whilst Zantsuken let out a snort of protest. Arokh grabbed the sword with both hands,"Enough." He said calmly, ready to fight and put an end to this. Vaskier placed his right foot forward and threw his cloak over his left shoulder,"Prepare yourself." He said slowly. With that, he pushed himself off the ground and came gliding at Arokh with incredible spped. Arokh hadn't anticipated this and just barely brought Zantesuken in a blocking position. The attack was parried sloppily, causing Arokh to stumble backwards, "What are you doing? Get on your feet!" Zantesuken snapped. The last thing the living sword needed was for Arokh to get killed, leaving him at the mercy of Vaskier. Arokh regained his footing just in time to see Vaskier charging back at him. He stepped to the side, avoiding Vaskier's scythe and took a swing of his own. Vaskier moved his arm upward, barely missing Zantesuken's blade. Arokh readied himself again, he was smiling, enjoying this very much. "Fool, don't get overconfident!" Zantsuekn yelled. Arokh ignored him, and sunk his foot deeper into the soft earth as Vaskier came back for another attack. He held his scythe in both hands now and was charging at his opponent headfirst, his booted feet never touching the ground. He swung the mighty weapon the weapon grazing his opponent's hood. Arokh stepped back and brought Zantesuken upward in crescent shaped swipe with his right hand. The attack connected with Vaskier's shoulder armor and caused him to waver in the air.

Arokh ran after him, his cloak whipping behind him, his weapon in his claw like hands. He narrowed his eyes as he got closer to Vaskier. He suddenly stopped and rolled out the way as a large orb of light whizzed through the air in the same path he had been running to. It crashed into the ground, sending soil and rocks into the misty air. Arokh stared at the crater that had just been formed a mere 6 inches away from him. He gritted his teeth as he stared at Vaskier righting himself and landing on the ground. "Excellent." He said calmly, his back still towards Arokh. Arokh got to his feet, and placed Zantesuken on his shoulder, tapping it lightly on himself. "I thought I had caught you there." Vaskier said turning around towards him. Arokh sighed angrily, "I don't care what you thought." Vaskier laughed, "You speak with great boldness, a trait that can be both helpful and dangerous at the same time." "Lecturing now are we?" Zantesuken quipped. "Just stating a fact." He placed his left hand on the scythe and began running at Arokh, which he did as well. The combatants eyes were focused on one another, both their deadly weapons ready to attack. Arokh brought Zantesuken to his right hand, and in a swift motion threw it at Vaskier, he parried the mighty sword as it whizzed through the air like an eagle pouncing on its ground based prey. Vaskier steadied himself as Zantesuken came back for another pass, he held out one hand and right before Zantesuken was in striking distance let out a small glowing orb similar to the one that had formed the crater.

The blast sent Zantesuken off course and the blade fell point first into the ground. It stood erect as Vaskier began to laugh,"Foolish." He muttered to no one in particular, raising his scythe over his head and rushing his weaponless opponent. Arokh did nothing, simply standing there as Vaskier came closer and closer. Vaskier swung his massive sycthe screams seemed to fill the air as he only managed to cut through the air. Arokh had jumped into the air at the last possible moment with such speed that even made Vaskier gasp. As he began to reach the apex of his jump, Arokh brought his hands together and let gravity take care of the rest. "I have you now!" Vaskier bellowed as another orb of light began to form in his left hand. Arokh grinned in a fashion that made him look truly devilish. As Vaskier let go of the orb, Arokh did the same sending a constant stream of energy straight down to his opponent. It cuased Vaskier's orb to disspate and rushed towards the strange apparition faster then he could react.

In a blinding light, he was gone. Arokh finally descended to the ground, and made his way over to Zantsekuen. "You know that beast is not gone." Ark grinned,"Yeah well I'm sure his ego is." With that, the dragon slipped the sword back into his sheath and continued on his way, the rumblings of a downcast sky his song.