Stone Statues - Chapter One: Lynn

*authors note, this is the first installment of a 10 part story. It might take a bit to get the next one up. Please Read and Review*

Inside the Cathedral, Lynn knelt down and started to pray. She did not know why, but something compelled her to weep. It was almost deserted, with a few people also knelling in prayer. All seemed to fit into the wooden pews, but a man. He sat stiff and rigid looking into the crucifix hanging above the alter. He barely blinked; he just remained still, like the statues of the saints around him. Lynn prayed fervently, her eyes open to the sunlight streaming in through the stained glass. She prayed very little and quickly her mind began to wonder to other things in her life, like school, the future. How Jake was determined to make her go all the way, and how she didn't even care. It was just another decision someone else was going to make for her eventually. Like any other choice, Lynn's life was plotted out straight to the grave.

First Lynn was going to be valedictorian of her High School Class and go to an esteemed higher education facility. Then she we got a degree in education and teach for a few years until she married a man of wealth and background. She was expected at this point to quit her job and become a housewife helping out at fundraisers for local charities while the help would raise her children. Like she had been. What did it matter to her parents that she wanted to join the army, or be a flight attendant so she could see the world. But part of her wanted the stability of the traditional role the women in her family had always had. She glanced over to the rigid man once again.

What sort of life had he lived? Did he face pressure from his family? Was he expected to succeed in a future he didn't want? Somehow Lynn knew that he was a man who had lived his life with such conviction and such pressure that her choices about the future were allowed because of him. She couldn't explain it. It was like the man beside her wanted her to make the right choices. That would be impossible. Lynn didn't even know this man. But her choices had to be right, because he expected them to be right.

Why did he have to come into her thoughts and make everything different? Lynn knew she couldn't go back into such a sub-dominant role, that her family wanted her to take. She knew that Jake wasn't a guy who loved her. He was just using her to make himself look cool. If she doesn't change, that's all Lynn be used for. A pawn in the chess game of life.

Lynn got up from her pew and looked again at the old man. He seemed to have changed and he is smiling. Lynn smiles too. She walks to the back of the church, knowing she will be her own person.