Stone Statues - Chapter Two: John

John walked confidently down the rows of pews to his usual pew, front row center, right in front of the church, where everyone could see him, which of course was the point. He passed the old man without giving him a second thought as he moved. Finally at his usual spot, he sits down and pretends to pray. What he really was doing was a show, a weekly performance before he strutted into choir practice. John couldn't even remember the last time he had really prayed about anything. Life seemed charmed for John, beautiful tenor voice, which gave him all the solos since he had been nine. Good looks, which had gotten him all the girls attention since he was fourteen, not that he had abused that, he married a girl he had known since he was eight. But being so blessed, church became a place to show off.

John looked up into the alter and into crucifix, depicting a God he'd almost forgotten. John felt very alone suddenly, as if everyone had disappeared, and would never return. John suddenly swung his head around to look behind him into the church and breathed a sigh of relief; an old man still sat quietly, his gaze fixed on the cross. Still, this settled John's thoughts only a little. What if his wife was gone, the one who had such a close relationship with God. What if his friends, and his audience to play too vanished?

John knew, that if he was left alone, he'd go insane, he had always needed an audience to play to, to be evaluated and praised by. But was that it? Was that they only thing he needed from life? Was being a good singer better than having a healthy relationship with his family? John looked down at his hands, surprised to see them wet with tears. Startled he fell to his knees, in front of the alter. Weeping, knowing that he was late for choir, and for the first he not caring. He started to pray, praying fervently for the first time in years, wanting to share with his wife the relationship she had.

John got up and raced down the aisles, glancing at the man, who now had a small tear falling down his smiling face.