Back to Hell (Moment of Paradise)

Everything is going perfect,
For just one moment,
One glorious, blissful moment.
Then everything goes back to the way it used to be.
A moment in paradise,
Then back to hell.
Back to my former life,
Where you and I were strangers,
And I didn't know what I was missing.
I just wish it could be exactly the same.
I wish I couldn't remember you face,
I'd just forget you and your beautiful love.
And everything would be fine,
And I'd be alone again,
But I'd know that being together
Brings too much pain to be worth it.
One moment of paradise,
Isn't worth all this pain.
'Cuz after this moment of paradise,
It's back to hell.
But maybe, just maybe,
I'll survive this time.
'Cuz this time,
Maybe there's someone who gives a damn
Whether I live or die.
'Cuz after paradise,
It's back to hell.
But this time I have an angel
To shelter me from the burning fires
That engulf me in this living hell.
It was paradise for a moment
When I was with you, but now.
Back to hell.