Saturn sets in the west, without further delay
Summer suns, leave one by one, much to my dismay
And sands and seas, with moment's ease, come telling me straight away
That when light has taken flight, the night is here to stay

Ages fear what will bring them tears, and that I cannot say
Shakespeare, in his later years, wrote his well-known plays
And though I appear, to be mere, I'm like a sunlight's ray
What you hear, will be made clear, on that perfect day

When the line does rhyme, there is a sign, of what will be on the way
And in that time, there will align, realities' constant fray
When all is fine, for yours and mine, chaos will be in disarray
Symbolic of nine, hellish cats will whine, and then the sinners' pay

So come the end, I'll be your friend, no matter what they say
Your heart will send, the strength to mend, my body in the clay
Words will blend, while signs will bend, the colours which will splay
But whatever rends, your mind to vend, I'll be there, forever plus a day