Chapter 19
~School's In~

Monday morning seemed to come faster than anything you could imagine. The weekend had repaired rifts in our house that had been there for ages, yet school was a whole nother story. Just entering the parking lot made butterflies appear in my stomach, although I don't know why. Nothing had changed at school, well except that now almost everyone had seen my spastic behaviour at the party, but that was relatively normal. I think the fact that Kat knew my secret made my outlook on life change, even school seemed different.

But for Kat, she was stepping into the school, looking to change something. After learning the truth, she knew that she had to change something to avoid being more like I used to be. I was proud of her though, so I had to keep my butterflies to myself for now.

"Are you ready?" I asked Kat as we first stepped into the school.

"Oh sure, as ever," she replied quickly.

"I'll see you at lunch." With that I gave her a hug and headed to my locker.

Morning classes were nothing less than joyful. People talked to me less as rumours of my freakish nature had circled around the school. It was a joy not having to put up with small talk from kids I didn't like, especially on this day. I was only worried about lunch.

This was when I would find out what happened to Kat, and face Oliver. He had tried to call on Sunday, but I just couldn't talk to him, at least not over the phone. I had spazzed on him at the party, and had no clue how to explain myself. So, when I saw him approaching my locker at the beginning of lunch I could feel my face heat and those damned butterflies returning.

"Hey" was all he said as he came up beside me.

I turned to explain myself, but all he did was smile, and kiss me. Can you believe it! He actually kissed me after I had acted towards him on Saturday. Was he taking crazy pills?

So, after this little, um, experience, and the smile on my face had somewhat diminished, I had to ask the question. "What was that for?"

"Well, a little birdie from a galaxy far, far away told me something that just made that so much easier."

"What are you talking about? What were you told?"

"Just that you were really sick on the weekend, and you were hallucinating or something on Saturday, so you couldn't be blamed for what you said. And that's also why you couldn't take my calls yesterday. So, I thought this might make you feel better," he said smiling sweetly.

"Are you serious? I wasn't sick but I am really sorry. I didn't mean any of what I said, and I shouldn't have said it at the time. But who said I was sick?"

"Your sister. She told me this after first period. So, you weren't sick?"

At this time, Kat walked up to us, smiling happily. "So, Lee, are you feeling better? I mean, you were really scary yesterday, but you've made a miraculous discovery."

"Cut it out, Kat! I wasn't sick, and I've just finished explaining that to Oliver. I was just really upset, and I'm sorry." At this point I just looked at Oliver. I didn't want him to keep thinking that I didn't mean what I said. He didn't deserve to be lied to like that, but I pray he accepts my apology.

"Alright, I'm just glad you weren't actually sick. Where are we headed for lunch?"

What a relief! He's forgiven me. So, as long as I don't screw up again for a while, I'm set.

"How about home? Just to my house for a while?"

"Sure, let's go." Oliver said as we turned to leave. But I was forgetting one thing.

"Kat, are you coming?" She was standing in the hallway, looking at the one thing I'm pretty sure she hadn't confronted yet.

"There's just one thing I have to do." With this she walked through the crowd of people and tapped him on the shoulder.

Jeff spun around with a stupid grin on his face. "Yo Kat, how was your Mom Saturday night? Was she as crazy as your sister?"

Just then, Kat's hand made contact with that stupid grin with a loud smack that made the whole hallway pay attention.

"My sister is NOT crazy! It's not her fault you're just a stupid jock, who thinks with his pants too much! And now that I've seen the truth, I think that we're through. So find yourself another naïve freshman to hang around because I'm done with you. Bye!" She walked away, leaving Jeff dumbfounded for words. I guess, that's what happens when you've been hit so many times in football, you lose the ability to speak the next time you're hit.

I must say though, I was thoroughly impressed with her at that moment. My sister, finally standing up for herself. And she SLAPPED someone!!! I love her!

So, Oliver, Kat and I left the scene of the crime, laughing and a bit happier with ourselves. Some things have changed, but I wanted this to stay the same for a while. For once, I was finally happy, just the way things were. Mom, Kat and I were a family again. I think I had a boyfriend, who actually really cared about me. And I didn't care what people thought of me. It was perfect!

**Author's Note: Wow I never remembered writing to be this fun! So I'm definitely looking forward to starting something new. I hope you all liked the conclusion, although it did take forever to update, and I am sorry for that. I am going to begin something new so look out for it soon, and I hope you all continue to love writing and reading and everything on this site. Thank you for reading!!!**