Voice of a Rebel

Cries of angst echoes in your head
Yet again. (Bored yet?)
Ghost of memories flit playfully in your mind
Softening you, for an instant.
Caught in a web of lies (Shame the devil by telling truth)
Never - ending.

Pushed onto the stage of facades and plays
Masking your fears. (Chinese opera your cup of tea?)
Key chains loudly screaming your identity
In case you ever forgot.
Blood, gore and violence, scenes you are
So used to. (Watching too much TV?)

Punk rock, heavy metal and techno (Marilyn Manson btw is a poser)
Replaying, resounding.
Hardcore funk, hardcore porn, hardcore Korn
Satisfied, aren't you? (Pam Anderson is digitized)
Denouncing religion - reserved for sissies only
You create your world. (Yet you support soccer?)

Breaking the ground, breaking the rules
Fuck authority. (As if that will get you anywhere)
Arson, vandalism, running from laws
It doesn't matter. (The Rock® rocks)
Sex, homosexuality, incest, and rape
Its being 'different'.

Parental advisory - explicit content packages
Hah. (Like you care. With more advice, your rebellion grows)
Spray paint, graffiti of all sorts - blood counts too
Keeps the city 'funky' eh.
Alcohol, drugs and street carps
Adrenaline rushes. (Just quoting you)

Depression, mental states, delusions - all illusions
All part of 'growing up'. (Right)
Gang fights, gang bangs, alley perks
Flow with the mood you say.
Truancy, gansterism and aggressiveness
"Education sux" (Yeah I heard)

Stoning around locker halls, hanging around shopping malls
Cool, ain't it?
Funky tattoos, multi pierced ears, bomb shell clothes (They cost a bomb
So hot isn't it.
Life rocks on for punks, Who Da Funk
Rebel is fun.

But don't think I can't see right through,
You can run but you can't hide, rebel.

Written: 18.05.03

A/N: I used terms that are commonly associated with punks/teenagers/whatever we've been labelled with.The common stuff we talk about, the bands we listen to. If I must say so, I enjoyed writing this poem. It's amusing (to a certain extent) that I'm once again dissing myself.The rhyming is mostly random, athough some are intentional. Some might not even think this is a poem at all. Flames, criticism and reviews are all welcome.

Overdue Disclaimer/Glossary: I obviously took liberty with using their names, but I don't own them.
Bored: Song by Deftones
Shame the devil by telling the truth : Shakespeare from King Henry the Fourth
Marilyn Manson: Supposedly heavy metal singer
Korn: Heavy metal band
Pam Anderson: Pamela Anderson. The one with a very Flattering chest (pun intended)
The Rock®: (screen name) WWE wrestler
Street carps : Street Carp is a song by deftones
Adrenaline: Album by Deftones
Who Da Funk: Techno group
Stone Cold: (screen name) WWE wrestler

A few others I probably missed out, but that about sums it all.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -