~*Tears of the Lonely Rain*~

The loud claps of thunder roar in the sky.

The failure and the pain is there whenever you try.

Your faith of the beloved has now become anger.

You were wrong and you know the danger.

But anger alone is not the only feeling that seems to come your way.

The sadness is also, dreading and dimming every day.

The clouds gather into a unity of gray.

The only light left is a tiny ray.

The rain pours and tears shed.

All because what he did and said.

He wants you he hurts you.

And he'll hate you through and through.

All the danger.

From a stranger.

And you never could suspect.

When you first met.

Now you know.

You ran and lied low.

Such sorrow and excruciation.

There is no time to be patient.

You sit on the bench, exhausted and wet.

Every moment makes you fret.

Nightmares are reality, and so is everything you feared.

You turned to him and he leered.

Never again you will trust.

Because all you ever did would've always made him fuss.

No matter what you did, it was never enough.

He was to tough.

Your never should have fought.

'Cause then you wouldn't have been caught.

Now you now what's true.

And it makes you very blue.

All that is the same.

Are tears of the lonely rain.

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