Humans must make a certain amount of sacrifice
In order to maintain a front of happiness

Some sacrifice friendship

Some sacrifice comfort

But she sacrifices her true feelings

Locks them away inside her
Where they burn like a poison
Eating away at her insides
Killing her from within

I try to make her bleed
To remove some of the poison from her
But she resists, wanting to hold her front
To keep others from seeing what she sees
Every time she looks in the mirror

Beauty is something she has much of

Yet no one can make her see it
Because of the taint that covers her vision

She's lost her will to fly
Lost all hope and trust in others
Trying to keep her love alive
When he leaves her alone to bleed

And she kneels, bloody tears going down her face
In the midst of the shards of her broken dreams
The wings gone from her back
And the memory of flight fading from her mind

A sobbing angel
Who's lost her wings
And the will to fly