Chapter 1

Maria spent 4 hours or even more a day in the computer. She always seem to have some new story to write about; some new people to meet. That day, Maria had met someone different. She chatted in many web pages but that day she had decided to try something different. She got into her MSN ( A chatting program) and looked at her list. She sighed. No one was online. Bu then, someone knew was in her list. She looked confusedly. Who could it be? She didn´t know. She didn´t give any strangers her e-mail. She pressed on the screen name and asked various questions.

The person took no time to answer. The person said his name was Mitch and that he was from London. What a coincidence, she thought. So, she asked her how he had got her email and then he said that Mike, a friend of his, had given it to her. Typical, she thought angrily.

Maria was an interesting person. She was 16 years old; very friendly but also reserved. She had many friends; some closer to her and some who weren´t. But Mike was someone who made trouble in school. It was a strange thing. She was an A student and people stared when Mike and Maria were seen together. They were close friends. They came from the same background: Mother dead, troubled families and problems. But Maria was like the "light" of the family; while Mike was the "shadow". Mike kept handing people her email, knowing it annoyed her. She blocked every new person though. But that Mitch seemed... different.

They started getting to know each other since that day. Mitch was also 16 years old and even though he didn´t give her his location in London; she guessed it was pretty near her... since they went to the same school. She never saw him. She hadn´t the trail that someone in her school was named Mitch. Mike didn´t say anything though. He kept the curiosity eat her. Mitch wanted to become and actor. She wanted to become a writer. So things were pretty familiar.

One sunny day; Mitch went into the cafeteria. He was thinking about many things when he saw his friend Mike.

" Hey." He said thoughtfully.

Mike grinned boyish like when some girls passed over. He checked them out for a while and then noticed Mitch. He smiled even more. He was a good guy, a perfect student; very popular. Maria wasn´t even interested in popular guys so she didn´t wait to hear the gossip about them. That´s how Maria had never met Mitch before. Mitch had brown, chocolate eyes; a muscular body, he was about 6 foot tall and had a charming smile which made the girls drool over him.

" Hi! How are you?" Mike said sitting next to him.

" Pretty screwed up. You remember Melissa? Well, she is making my life troubled some even though I love her. She is just so complicated! Then we got the tests coming... and the teacher wants me to pair up with some other students to study. A guy from the other class; popular too and a girl called Monty or whatever." He said sighing.

Mike frowned. Monty? No. The name didn´t fit. Could it be Maria...? He pushed that thought away. He tried to make Mitch more relaxed with stupid jokes but Mitch was really worried about Melissa. Mike knew he loved the girl so deeply that he worried a lot for her. Maybe that was why Melissa needed space. He didn´t say it though; as seeing his friend would get more depressed. Mike only looked silently at Mitch. Maria and Mitch. It sounded... he couldn´t get Maria´s name out of his head. What if Maria would go mad at him? He shouldn´t have given him her email. They would never meet each other though... unless... unless that "Monty" girl wasn´t really the name. It could be Maria.

Maria went inside the classroom. She was pretty busy those days so she hadn´t been able to chat with Mitch. They had become really good friends. He was funny; intelligent and very... charming. She sighed. Why did those type of people so rare? She didn´t know. She just wanted to trust someone. Mike wasn´t a lot of help either. He had been busy trying to put fake bombs on the toilet and getting into trouble. One day... he was going to get spelled. Maria suddenly remembered that she had to meet with Mr. Brooke in the evening after that class for those "studying" sessions with some other smart students. She dreaded it. She was so bored and tired. She go to her notebook and started writing the second chapter of her story.

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