All Right

The day had come at last. Maria had already bought her dress and she was now ready and steady to go. She looked at her watch for the hundredth time and saw it was still 10 minutes earlier. She started pacing around again in her room. She sighed after a moment and decided to sit down in her comfortable bed. She wasn't steady... she was panicking with nerves! She felt every bit of her turn to jelly when she thought of Mitch... every part of her tremble as this was her first Prom. She had never gone to any before... Maria had never really taken any special interest. But now Mitch was in her life... she wanted to go. She started fidgeting with her fingers. What if she wasn't pretty enough in the dress? Maria thought looking at her simple dress.

Her mother had bought it for her, specially. Maria had always trusted her mother's taste... but she was on the doubts again. It was a red colour, not furious, but light and smooth. It had thing straps at the top and it went down to a little above her knees. She had black, high-heel shoes on. The red dress was simple but very nice, since it was adjusted to her figure and made her look even better. She had some lip gloss and for the first time, she had her hair down. Her brown hair went till her shoulders. She looked at herself again in the mirror. She frowned... the door bell rang. Maria jumped suddenly. She took short, quick breaths and felt her heart beating wildly. She looked at her clock. He was early! Maria took more breaths and put a hand to her stomach trying to slow down. She looked at herself again in the mirror, as she heard the door being opened. She took her purse and went out of her room.

" I´m coming!" Maria said nervously, as she heard her name being called.

Maria went down the stairs and her mother smiled proudly at her. Her mother had heard her tug in all along how beautiful and grateful she was for the dress, and how wonderful Mitch had been when she had been in trouble. She had always believed her daughter would fall in love at some point. She winked at Maria and left the room, leaving the two love birds staring at each other.

Maria gasped. Mitch gasped back. They both stared in astonishment at each other. Mitch looked... hot! She couldn't stop thinking that... but he also looked intellectual and cute. Maria had always loved his boyish face... he had a nice shirt on and some navy blue trousers, which were very elegant. Maria felt her knees melt right away at his dashing smile. Mitch saw before his eyes the most beautiful girl he had ever set eyes on. He loved her even more than before. His hands stopped sweating and he felt his body relax as Maria took his arm. They walked outside. Before they got to the school walking; Mitch stopped. The moonlight was above their heads. The wind was soft... the air warm. They were both so calm and relaxed... everything was perfect. Mitch smiled. Maria blushed. Then Mitch grabbed her chin softly, and bent down. Their lips met and the moment was made even more beautiful.

They bodies were like one. Their heart beats the same, their minds thinking the same thing about each other. Their love was so strong and deep, that both of them found it too unbelievable to be true. There was love in the air... they could smell it. Pulling away, they smiled warmly at each other. Yes, this is love. Maria thought. Mitch felt dazzled by happiness around him.

The place was overly-crowded. People; from all over the school were there. Maria felt intimidated right away with the essence of so many people. There even were people who had never went to the school. Mitch felt back home as always. It was his life... or had been once. He did notice however; that Maria didn´t feel comfortable at all. He smiled and gripped her hand tighter. Maria immediately felt better. After they got inside, Maria blinked a few times. The was a small, shiny ball on the ceiling which was moving and making reflects with the light... like in the old times. In the stage there was a band playing. She felt her ears numb. People moving too much... dancing going on. The decoration was barely seen by Maria. Mitch felt a bit dizzy at the start; but they both went to look for a place were they could actually seat. The song was by Avril Lavigne... Maria smiled. She loved that song! It was so beautiful and slow... she felt Mitch tug her arm. She stood up as she was tugged by Mitch.

" Mitch! I don't know how to dance!!" She screamed over her voice.

Mitch made a motion that he couldn't hear a thing she said. Maria tried telling him again; but found it useless. She sighed as Mitch pulled her closer. She felt nervous again. People were dancing around them, couples, in a low rhythm. Maria suddenly felt very stupid. However, Mitch put his arms around her waist and pulled her tighter still. Her heart beat faster. Eventually, Maria got the point and put her hands around his neck. She put her head softly on his shoulder and felt the warm and lovely feeling around her all the sudden. She didn't care anymore of what she might seem. She was content with herself: and overly glad that she had fallen in love with such a great guy.

Mitch was in the happiest moment of his life. The day he had always dreamed of. The day he had dreamed of his love and him being together at last... dancing. He took advantage of every second and minute that he passed in that dance-floor. The other people seemed to have disappeared all the sudden. He just saw himself dancing in the middle of the Gym with Maria. He put his head next to hers and felt the sound of music stop. Every time of him was vibrating. His heart would explode from crazy-love if he didn't stop it! Maria felt the happy moment end and she looked at him with a look that gave it all out. He felt comforted in a way he never had. Their special connection and similarities made it all perfect... they sat down again. There was some applause and cheering before they could talk again.

" You were too close for me!" Mitch exclaimed jokingly.

" And you... too up to see your face!" Maria said in a challenging tone.

" Mmm...." Mitch looked lost for a second.

" I know!!!" Maria exclaimed suddenly. She looked in amazement at his face.

It all fitted for Maria suddenly. She knew that destiny had made the two of them meet on purpose... that they had been made for each other all along. That their story had a name. Mike fitted into the whole plot perfectly too.... talking of Mike! Maria looked shocked at the sight before her. Mike was with some girls... smiling and... flirting. He looked... cute! He didn't looked as punk as he had before... he was nearly... normal. Suddenly, Maria felt happy for him. At least he was getting something! She laughed inside herself... wondering what he was up to with those girls. She felt the tingling feeling again as Mitch touched her face again. He had a wondering look.

" What do you know?" He asked smiling softly.

Before Maria had a chance to explain, she was pulled into the deepest kiss she had ever experienced. The sweet taste went through her veins... the adrenaline accelerated her heart beat and her legs shook. She took hold of Mitch too. She smiled through the kiss. Her theory was right! Mitch pulled away suddenly.

" What was it that you knew?" He asked frowning.

" That our story is called Close Up!" Maria answered excitedly, hoping for him to understand.

However, he frowned harder. Maria laughed suddenly. He looked too damn perfect! Then; she got a wild feeling on and went down to it. She kissed him as hungrily as a tiger who hadn't eaten for 3 days. Mitch kissed back. Mike whistled. And everything was... all right for Maria.

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