By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Eric Cleese
And so far,I've been a man of peace.
But that was before
I had no choice,but to go to a war
In a place where there never was an peace.

That place was known as Iraq
And we've been sent there to track
Down a man with an evil name--
The man known as Saddam Hussain--
And exile him from his former home of Iraq.

Just then,before my unit had finally
Reached Bagdad,we were completely
Overrun by a group of Iraqi soldiers,
Who had killed Alda by shooting her
Straight in the face and caused her to fall next to me.

At that moment,a small voice of fear
Had just reminded me that I wasn't suppossed to be there.
I was in a real mess and only way out was to
Blast away at that Iraqi crew
Without a single amount of care.

After I had done that,
I had looked at the dead bodies and started feeling like a rat.
I had committed an act of murder,
Instead of putting up my hands and saying,"I surrender!"
I haven't forgiven myself after that.

Even though the top brass had called me a hero,
I've still had no choice,but to feel like a total zero,
Because I've committed an act
Of muder--and that was a fact,
No matter how many times they call me a hero.

My name is Eric Cleese
And I'm not a man of peace.