The Perfect Crime

I passed through the crowd unnoticed, no one thought me to be an
interloper. I carried myself with great aplomb and never infringed
upon anyone's personal space as the crowd looked ahead to listen to
the upcoming speech. The callow politician fumbled with his note
cards for his speech. He began by ingratiating himself with the
people by promising to ameliorate the nation's current situation.
Following this, his bombastic diction bored the crowd and they sank
into a state of lassitude from listening to his drivel. As I neared
the platform, in a quiet yet stringent tone I exhorted people to get
out of my way. I put my hand into my overcoat, reaching for the
object that would end it all. In the next instant, a thick red
substance permeated the politician's clothing as the shot rang out
startling the crowd. As the politician fell, I became frazzled. My
hand still felt the object in my coat; I had never drawn it. I could
only surmise that someone else had performed the task of the
millennium before I could.