I want to know you
Tell you things I'd never tell otherwise.
I want to know you
in all of your awkward glory.
I'd like to know what haunts you.
What awakens your inner demons
What causes your pain and brings you sorrow.

'Cause see, you haunt me.
Every other thought breaths your name.
My mind aches with the weight of it.

It's not quite so easy is it?
To be on the receiving side.
Receiving a constant stream of thorny thoughts
that tear at my concious when I try to remove them.
If I knew it was this bad
I would have said . . .
If we had both reached this level of intense
feeling at the same time . . .
Who knows what might have happened?
Would I have had a rough time with our beliefs?
--Different as the sea is from the mountain--
Or with the inevitable ghoul who would remain
a constant in our relationship:
"You're dating him?"

They say love has no color.
Try telling that to a bigot whose brain could fit in his 99cent wallet.
Would we have dealt with it?
Could we have dealt with it?