Rainy Day Woes


Chapter 1: Just Another Rainy Day Or Is It

One wet and dreary afternoon, I was walking home from my bus stop in the cold rain; my long baggy pants dragging along in the puddles of water, and my shirt, alone, weighed me down because of its wetness. The bus ride took longer than usual because of the dank weather. With the weather like this, I didn't mind why my parents didn't pick me up from my bus stop today. Actually, I didn't care about anything at that moment. The rain helped me relax and it helped me think. My mind wandered from place to place; from thinking about the test, that I had the coming week to what I should do when I got home. Everything was forgotten when a strange thought of 'him' sprang into mind. No one knew my obsession for 'him,' except me.

The rain grew harsher as my mentality lingered into deeper thought. I was so absorbed, I didn't care what happened to all my schoolwork, whether it got wet or was blown away by the wind. All I did was think of him. I imagined his short, spiked blonde hair; loved his profound azure eyes; and simply admired his smile, showing a glimpse of his braces. For all the time I spent in thought, I forgot my clothes were wet. I absent-mindedly turned the curb, towards the deserted roadside, when I heard a distant 'splish-splash' from behind me.

I stopped, listening closely to the sound. 'Splish-splash…splish-splash… splish-splash…' was all the sound I heard other than the pattering of the rain on my book bag. I prepared to give this person a blow, but when I turned around, I saw 'him.' His hair was neatly combed forward, and spiked upwards at the tips. He gazed right back at me, clutching his umbrella. Like a cobra in its trance, I gazed back at him, until he spoke a word.

"Why are you walking home in the rain?" he asked.

"Umm…my parents never came to pick me up," I answered, still gazing into his eyes.

He put his arm around me and put us both under his umbrella. I could feel my face burn. His warmth against my cold, wet body was comforting to me.

"I guess I'll walk you home then," he said, smiling.

I didn't think my face could get any redder. This was great and everything…wait…'how does he know where I live?' I looked at him, and saw him looking at me. I looked away as my face started to burn in embarrassment again.

The rain had a steady 'pitter-patter' on the umbrella as we walked along the empty road.

"Just a thought. How do you know where I live?" I asked, in curiosity.

"Uh…well…" was all he managed to get out, as he turned red.

I laughed, and he started to, too. We continued walking until he spoke again.

"I just thought you could show me, in return of taking you home under my umbrella," he said, looking at me and smiling.

I could feel my heart melt, just by looking at his striking smile. I simply smiled back. The rain began to worsen, as we reached my driveway. We ran towards the overhang to get out of the rain. I took out my key and unlocked the door; while he watched the rain, fall, frantically to the ground. As I opened the door, I heard him mumble a few things. I widened the door and asked, "You wanna come in until the rain settles?"

"What about your parents? Don't you think they'll get upset for bringing a guy into the house?" he asked, a worried look spreading upon his face, "I wouldn't want to get you in trouble."

He did have a point. My parents would ground me for life if I brought any guys over, especially if no one was home. But, then again, I can't make him walk home in the rain, especially as harsh as this.

"Well, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you stay, at least till the rain settles. My parents will understand the situation," I said, tossing my drenched book bag against the wall with a heavy 'THUD.'

He stepped into the house, folding his umbrella and setting it next to the door. I went into the kitchen and grabbed the phone. As I made my way back towards the door, I saw him looking around the house. I gave a smile and handed him the phone.

"Here, maybe you should call your parents to let them know where you are," I said, sitting down on the couch.

"Good idea," he said, dialing his number.

He put the phone to his ear as I looked at him. Glancing at me, he smiled, and then looked out the window; the rain gave no hope of stopping anytime soon. My eyes never left his worried look, subconsciously telling him not to worry about a thing. I left the room to change into dry clothes, before I heard him speak.

"Oh, hey mom…uh yeah, I'm fine…I'm at Jessie's house," he started, looking at me and giving a smile.

'He knows my name?? I had no idea he knows my name.' I simply smiled back and closed the door, still able to hear the conversation.

"No, her parents aren't home—WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT?" he yelled into the phone, his face turning a bright shade of red, "it's okay, I'll wait till it settles—yeah—okay, I'll see you when I get home. Bye."

My mind dawdled on one question; what did his mom say? As I came out of my room with my wet clothes in hand, I was just about to ask him when he spoke up.

"You'll never guess what my mom said," he said, his face turning bright red.

"Huh?" I looked at him, as I was a confused pup; ears perked up and head tilted to one side.

"She thought you and me…were a thing."

"A thing?" I had to think about it a little before I finally caught on. "Oh my gosh, us? Together?" At this, I laughed aloud, though on the inside, I wished it were true.

He handed me the phone and looked around.

"Um, may I use your bathroom?"

"Yeah, it's right around the corner." I pointed in the direction.

He walked past me and said, "Thanks," before proceeding. I heard the door shut. I let out a heavy sigh, and put my soaked clothes in the washer. Then I went into the kitchen to put phone back.

'Gosh, I still can't believe this is happening to me,' I thought, grabbing two cans of Sprite from the refrigerator. Then, I went to the cupboard and grabbed the cookie jar. I took a few out of the jar and placed them on a plate. After I set everything out on the table, I looked out the window, watching the raindrops fall into the pool, and onto everything else in its way.

'I wonder if any of this would have happened if it didn't rain today, or if my parents did come to pick me up.' While pondering on such thoughts, I saw a little frog, hopping on the patio floor, and then it jumped into the pool.

Immediately, I rushed out the door, to catch the frog, before a dangerous amount of chlorine in the pool got into its body. I scooped the frog out, after many times of it jumping out of my grasp, and opened the screen door to let it go. The rain continued to fall as I closed the screen door and stood on the edge of the pool, getting wet once again. I chuckled.

'He brings me home under his umbrella to keep me from getting wet, yet I still get wet.'

I thought some more, as I continued watching the rainfall.

"You must really like rainy days." I whipped around and saw him standing in the doorway. While doing so, I lost my balance and fell into the pool.

As I plunged down to the bottom of the pool, I thought, 'I'm such a dork. I knew he was here.'

I didn't want to stick my head out of the water, mostly because I was utterly embarrassed, but I needed air. I felt like a klutz. I saw a very hazy figure, standing on the edge of the pool as I swam up to the surface. I emerged from the water, just enough so that my head was out of the water, and saw him grinning down at me. My head slowly submerged back into the water in shame.

Then, a thought struck me, and I grinned. I took his hand, but instead of pulling myself out, I pulled him into the water. I laughed loudly as he fell in, next to me, splashing water in my face. His head popped out of the water; his hair soaked and covering his eyes. He smirked and dunked my head into the water. When I finally managed to get my head out of the water, I splashed water in his face and swam over to the edge of the pool. I looked back and smiled at him before I got out of the pool, and grabbed a couple of towels from the poolside bar counter. In my mind, I slapped myself silly, for that coquettish act. I draped the towel on my head, and started to dry my hair. I handed him the towel, as he climbed out of the pool.

"Hmm, I bet your mom's going to wonder why your clothes are wet, and why you smell like chlorine," I noted, laughing.

"You're right. I don't know, I'll figure something out," he said, as he dried his hair.

I continued to dry my hair, until I saw him take his shirt off.

'Oh gosh. What is he doing?' I thought, as peered through the towel. I couldn't help, but look at his well-built abs. My eyes immediately looked down at my feet, as I started to blush under the towel. 'This is getting too good to be true.'

He took his shirt and twisted it, as a lot of water fell to the pool floor. He looked at me and saw me looking at him.

"My bad," he said, as he went red in the face. He put his slightly wrinkled shirt on, and draped the towel over a chair.

"It's okay," I said. 'I kind of enjoyed that sight.'

I also draped my towel on the chair and then walked over to the door. At that moment, I noticed that the rain was reduced down to a sprinkle. I felt disappointed, but I knew it had to end sooner or later. I walked inside and he followed.

"Looks like the rain settled," I said, opening a can of soda.

"Yeah," he said, grabbing a cookie.

We walked over to the door, and just stood there.

"So, um, thanks for letting me stay here," he said, smiling once again.

"No problem—" I was cut off.

His face was so close to mine, I could feel his breath. His face neared mine even more, until his lips touched mine for what seemed like forever. He pulled away and said, "Really, thank you."

I could feel my cheeks turning red again. I longed for that kiss, and I got it at the most unexpected time. The corners of his mouth curved upwards once before he opened the door, and grabbed his umbrella.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow," he said, walking towards the road.

A simple "okay" was all that came out of my mouth. I guess I was still dumfounded from that small, yet precious moment. We didn't talk much, and we really didn't do much either, but his company was more than I bargained for. Then, my mind reiterated, "Ask for his name, ask for his name."

I ran to catch up with him.

'Smooth one, Jessie. Just go ahead and forget to ask his name.' "Hey!" I yelled out, as I gasped for air.

"Huh? Oh, Jessie. Hello again," he said, turning around, "what's up?"

"I let you stay at my house while it rained, in return of taking me home under your umbrella," I said, looking down at my feet. I looked back at him. "Yet, I never asked what your name is."

He laughed, and put his hand on my shoulder. I ended up laughing, as well.

"My bad, I thought you knew, my name's—"

I heard a distant ringing, when he said his name. Time seemed to slow down at that point. I was so close to getting his name, yet it seemed like I was eons away from getting it.

"What?" I asked, "I couldn't hear you."

He opened his mouth again and the ringing became louder and more distinct. Then I knew…

I opened my eyes and looked at the alarm clock. "7:00" blinked with a bright, digital, bold, green glow, pulsating to the annoying rings. I picked up the noisy clock, scowling at it with my half opened eyes, and shook my head.

"I knew it was too good to be true," I said, before I turned it off and set it back on my bedside table. "I didn't even get his name." I covered my face with a pillow, listening to the calm 'pitter patter' of the rain as it pelted down the window.

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