Pyann's Battle

She walks slowly up to the battle field,
Full armor, sword at the ready,
A look of determination and courage in her eyes.
And she brings up her steel, carved shield,
Covering her face, firm and steady,
And she watches the red sun arise.
Swords clash as the enemy approaches,
Brutality and greed on each man's face,
Never seeing through her disguise, her masquerade.
And as the enemy further encroaches,
She fights with dignity and grace,
Though blood spills like a great, red cascade.
She fights like the bravest warrior, unafraid,
No one could believe she's only a girl,
Or believe that she's only sixteen, to young for anything.
She battles for her belief in this noble crusade,
And she watches the bloody-thirsty day unfurl,
As her enemies lie on the ground, writhing.
And she looks to her left at the man beside her,
Fighting for his life and his freedom, like she,
And he doesn't notice her at all, just keeps fighting.
She looks at him closer, and she feels her heart stir,
But she remembers the battle, and fights for freedom, like he,
Thinking all the while of him being her heart's king.
And she wins the battle for freedom,
But the battle of her hearts just begun,
Should she tell him? She'd have to admit she acted as a man.
Would he love her? And she decides to succumb,
Though she knows in her heart he's the one,
But she has to be prepared; she needs a plan.
So one day, she tells him she loves him,
And that she's really just a girl,
She's just sixteen, not even a woman yet.
But he understands her, though his trust is dim,
And he tells her she's a rare, lovely pearl,
Brave for acting as a man at war, but more so for willing to admit.
And so, Pyann's destiny was fulfilled,
The battle won, the war begun,
And a love, never to be killed.