I Remember

I remember Christmases
And every Halloween
I remember Fourth of July
And the big firework scene
I remember pick-up-sticks
And learning to play pool
I remember airbrushing
And new gardening tools.
I remember aunts, uncles, and cousins
And grandfathers and grandmothers
I remember family gatherings at Thanksgiving
And birthdays, among others
I remember going to buy fireworks
And choosing the best Christmas tree.
I remember our gardens of flowers
And sitting with you to watch TV
I have hundreds of memories,
And they're all very good
But you broke up our family
And I just don't see how you could.
I was happy
And so were you and Mom, far as I could see
So I don't understand how you could tear it apart
And forget about me.
Me, you, Mom
Our family
Sure, we weren't perfect,
But at least I was happy.
[A.N.:] This poem was written for my stepfather. Well, he was my
stepfather. I was looking through old photo albums tonight, and after
seeing so many pictures, my mind just flooded with memories. My mom and
Steve (my stepdad) got divorced in 1999, when I was 12. My mom and I were
devastated. I was losing everything I'd ever known. After that, I visited
him often. For about a year, that is. I don't see him much anymore. I don't
want to make it seem like I'm feeling sorry for myself, because I don't.
I'm content with my life now. It's just really unnerving to me that the man
who raised me from the time I was three years old could just forget about
me - as he indeed did, it seems. If I didn't make the effort to see him
(which I don't, that often. Painful, y'know?), I wouldn't see him at all.
If you actually bothered with this author's note, thanks. ( It explains the
ending of the poem a bit. Just thought it'd be helpful. ( Thanks for