You failed to meet my expectations,
You failed to keep my trust.
You forced on me some revelations
All for your petty lust.

I was unaware of sin that night,
Deception was your tool.
It was all beneath my views and sight,
You played me like a fool.

The devil himself thought you were low,
But you didn't get caught.
Until you told me what I now know:
Answers that were not sought.

The truth was so cruel and distressing,
A cold blade pierced my heart.
I lay awake, thinking and stressing,
And that was just the start.

You lied again and promised to stop,
Finally I forgave.
But you started again from the top,
My trust you did not save.

I despised you and all of your soul!
You treated me so bad,
And in my body you left a hole.
Everything made me mad!

Your face, your voice, your friends, and your gain,
They mocked and tortured me.
And you hated me for being in pain,
Why could you never see?

Still, you stole some friends and hurt me more,
And it caused me to hate.
You pushed me away and closed the door,
I guess that's just my fate.

You do it some more, and then again,
You hurt and just don't care.
You carry around that fatal sin,
With pain you tend to share.

I do not think I could like you less,
No matter how you live,
And though you don't ask for forgiveness,
I shall always forgive.

Because despite the sins you commit,
No matter what you do,
Despite the pain that is caused from it,
I shall always love you.