America is no longer under attack just because of its foreign policy, now America is criticized for its domestic policies as well. As if the rest of the world had a choice in the matter. It cannot be said that America has always been in the right or that America has always been the shining example for good; no America has made her mistakes, and they in turn have made her stronger. No country is perfect, and America is far from it, but is it as horrible as protestors around the world have described her? As a political entity on this Earth America is an example for other countries to follow. A how to guide on taking a small uncivilized piece of the outback and turn it into the most successful country on the planet.
Crime is steadily declining in America, coming down from an all time high in the eighties. In 1999 violent crimes fell ten percent, fifty percent since 1973, this is according the Bureau of Justice. In 2002 it was reported that the criminal population in the United States exceeded two million. While this report makes it look like America has a lot more criminals then the rest of the world, in actuality it is the strict American laws that lock up more criminals than the rest of the world. Unfortunately murder and rape crimes are still higher in the US than in the UK, but in England the crime rate has become higher than that of the United States, as in the rest of Europe. Also according to the Bureau of Justice statistics department in America a criminal is more likely to be caught, tried, and convicted then in England. According to a survey of English and Welsh civilians burglary and theft rose 81% compared the US where it fell 28%. This may be related to the fact that US prison sentences are about 4 years longer then their UK equivalent. Both countries have more black inmates then white, suggesting similar problems with minorities. America has had a high crime rate but it is steadily drifting down while the crime in other countries is rising. This is due to the harsh punishments for committing crimes as well as the ability of the people to defend themselves with arms.
While the unemployment rate is high (5.8%) in the United States, indeed it's the highest its been since 1994 (6.1%), when, if you will all remember, William Jefferson Clinton was still president, its not the highest its ever been. It was only 1992 when the unemployment rate was a whopping 7.5%. In Europe the Euro-zone unemployment rate has risen to 8.4% and the EU15 to 7.7%. As you can see, no matter how bad economically things are over here, its worse in Europe. Plus, the American economy is on the rise, as is evident in the rise of productivity, and hourly earnings. While America fosters entrepreneurs with special tax breaks and loans Europe's oppressive tax code is destroying family owned businesses. This will eventually destroy Europe's economy, as Europe becomes more and more socialist.
America has always stood on the ideals of everybody having the same equal chance at success, that your background will not hold you down as you strive for victory. Today more than ever this is true. Skin color no longer holds us down, as minorities are fast becoming the majorities as foreigner's flood into this country. In fact, things are becoming too equal in America, as Affirmative Action is putting unqualified minorities ahead of qualified Caucasians. This is evident in the recent University of Michigan case in which the Supreme Court ruled against Affirmative Action in that specific form. There are no more beatings or lynching in the south of African Americans. Mexicans and Hispanics make up a large portion of the California population and there has been oppression, no prison camps, and no enslavement of the minorities. To say that America is racists is wrong, we are no more racist then the British or French and German, all three battling with the ethnic minorities. Racism is no more a problem in America then it is in the rest of the world. And racism will always be a problem.
America is the greatest nation on the earth. This is no bigoted or false statement; it is the simple truth. Domestically, we have the highest standards of living in the world. Our crime is going down, our economy is recovering nicely and racism is no longer the massive issue it once was. To call America a hypocrite or an evil country is wrong, we are not hypocritical, and we have moved on from our mistakes in the past and are pushing forward into the future. America is a great nation and our policies are working, much more so then those who try to tear us down.