We have all been given a very special gift,
A gift that cannot be remorselessly taken,
A gift that we have no choice but to receive,
This is a gift that cannot be mistaken.

Is this truly a gift all wish to receive?
Without this gift we would be nothing.
Why would one waste this gift for any reason?
With care we can develop it into something.

This gift is far too precious to be shunned aside,
It must be treated with utmost respect;
We must utilize this gift for the good of all,
This is a gift that everyone must work to protect.

What gift is this that I speak of so highly?
The gift that is more mysterious than any,
Life is what my words are used to describe,
Life is this gift that is given to so many.

Life can be taken, given, and lost,
Life has potential to do incredible things;
Life can be honored or life can be crossed,
But make your life count - make your soul sing!

The vibrations in your life depend on your actions,
And your actions depend on your choices;
Give to those what you could never have,
And ignore the sounds of selfish voices.

Life isn't about glory or joy,
Life isn't about sorrow or pain;
Life is about helping those in need
Without ever considering personal gain.

But no matter what you do or how hard you try,
Life will always fall to the reality of death;
But those you have helped will live on,
And they will be everything your life will have left.

Don't get discouraged at this unfortunate fate,
Fear not from the lies regarding your gift
For God will see and He will be able to tell
What you have done and which souls He should lift.