Ch. 1

CRASH! Aimee Johnson let out a startled cry as a bolt of lightning flashed through the sky. Not a second later, her electricity flickered and then went out completely. Aimee sighed, staring at the computer with a frustrated look. "Uh, and I was almost done with my paper, too!" She reluctantly got up, and began to grope around in the dark for her cat, Tigger. "Tigger where are—oh there you are!" Aimee had successfully found her cat, and also managed to tread on his tail. She gingerly stepped off his tail, picked him up, and carried him towards her front door. "We'll just go to Leighann's," She muttered, more to herself than to her cat. But, as she opened the door, she was startled for the second time that night; Leighann had her hand raised up, ready to knock on Aimee's door. After a slight jump, both girls smiled and Leighann lead the way back to her dorm room.

"So…shall we do the usual?" Aimee nodded at her friend's question. Leighann carefully maneuvered her way around her small living area, and found her way to a cabinet. Just as Aimee set Tigger down, Leighann asked her to go and find the matches.

"Are they still in that drawer they used to be in?" Aimee asked, walking carefully out of the living room and into the kitchen.

"Uh huh!" Leighann mumbled as she dug through her cabinet, trying to find some candles.

Aimee opened a drawer, and felt by touch try and find the matches.

"This is ridiculous, Leigh, you don't have a flashlight or anything? I can't even see what I'm supposed to be finding…" Aimee called.

"Ok ok, I'll go get one." Leighann pulled her head out of the cabinet, temporarily surrendering her search for the candles. She walked to the back of her dorm, disappeared into a bedroom, and then emerged again with a flashlight in hand.

"This should do it…" Leighann said. She walked over to Aimee, turned on the flashlight, and pointed it so that the light shone into the drawer. Aimee looked once more for the matches, but as she rummaged through the drawer, she noticed what looked like a syringe. Quickly, she spotted the matches, and shut the drawer with a snap. Aimee tried to forget what she saw, but the image of the empty syringe kept pushing its way into her mind.

"Aimee?" Leighann said, looking alarmed at the expression on her friend's face.

"Huh? Oh, here's the matches." She attempted to cover up for her strange behavior.

"Thanks." Leighann resumed her search for the candles.

"Um, hey Leigh?" Aimee began in a shaky voice, and then tried to smooth out voice out as she finished. "I think I'll just go back to my place. I'll be fine."

"How come?" Leighann asked, looking straight at Aimee.

"I—um, I just don't feel very well." Aimee went to find Tigger, trying desperately to dodge Leighann's eyes. After finding her cat, Aimee went to the door. But before she could even reach for the knob, Leighann was standing right next to her, silently starring at her friend. Aimee grabbed the knob, and quickly left her friend's dorm with an uneasy feeling.