Ghost Dixon: THEY ALL DIED! HAHAHAHAHA! Uh, I mean, here's part IV to this exciting series! I mean, DIE SCUM BUCKETS!

Jake: What happened?

Imitate: AWK! It wasn't me! AWK!

Katie: What is this?

Jiru: It's a shield. Matt, Dala and I created it.

Dala: It protected us from the blast.

John: Wicked.

Rem: So where's Jeff.

Jeff: I was never here. Good-bye.

Sam: Like, weird.

Matt: We've got to start searching for the Dragon Eggs!

Dala: There they are! They were hidden behind those rocks. Jeff's blast unleashed them.

Jake: Let's make our wishes!

John: Anyone know the magic words?

Matt: I think I do.

(steps to the Dragon Eggs)

Matt: Hocus, pocus?


Jiru: Open sesame?


John: Abrakadabra?



(ding ding!)

Jake: Really?

Dragon Eggs: No.


Katie: Let us make the wishes before everyone in the world has scrambled eggs for breakfast!


Dala: You guys are doing this all wrong. The magic words are: Please & thank you.

(ding ding! Dragon comes out of Dragon Eggs)

Matt: It's the legendary External Dragon, Prune!

Prune: What wishes do you want to make?

Jake: I wish none of my detectives died.

Prune: It's a little late for that.

Jake: Huh?


Jiru: I'm really getting tired of that.

Rem: Why'd he explode?

Matt: Maybe there was an intergalactic warfare producing a mechanical banana-like tool used for making genetically engineered microorganisms destroy the equilibrium technique of the cells therefore making a chain reaction of the communicably adjacent parallelograms and a virus would enter the deoxyribonucleic acid and then making a mutation of the alien robotic mammals that brings the nerve cells in a permanent interphase!

Everyone: WHAT?!

Matt: He had a tummy ache.

Rem: Oh.

Jake: So now how are we going to bring back the detectives?

Ghost Dixon: No. WRITER!

(Writer: What?)

Ghost Dixon: WHY CAN'T I COME BACK?!

(Writer: I haven't decided yet.)


(Writer: I could bring anyone back I like.)

Ghost Dixon: Really?

(Writer: Yeah, but I'm not going to.)

Ghost Dixon: Then how?

(Writer: Read the story and the solution will come to me.)

Jeff: Dr. Scientist, how is my new associate coming along?

Dr. Scientist: Just fine. He'll be ready in just a short period of time.

Jeff: Perfect. Screwy Louie, please stay here and assist Dr. Scientist.

Screwy Louie: Ribbit, ribbit.

Jeff: This is getting out of control. I need some new technology to destroy those Powerpuff Girls! Uh-I mean those outer space detectives!

Ghost Dixon: Writer told me a surprise is coming up next; let's see what it is.

Stephanie: Hurry, Itchy!


Josh: We've got to get away!

Judo Chop!: You'll never escape!

Bumblehead: Yeah! And gummy bears don't eat soup!

Jay: I'm dead. Why am I still shrunk?

Stephanie: Because we don't like you!

Matt: I'm here!

Tyler: Shut up!

(goat baas or whatever)

Party Pooper: I'm here, too!


Ghost Dixon: Wait a minute, a dead world? Cool.

Ryan: Is this what I'm looking for?

Salesman: Why yes it is! It can dehydrate, cut, chop, and even peel any vegetable you can think of!

Ryan: Vegetable? YUCK!

Ghost Dixon: Stupid. I wish he would die.

Jiru: Jake, where are we going?

Jake: You'll see. I gave you the coordinates. I think I might have something. And could you slow down? Our jets can't go as fast as you!

Jiru: That's a good thing.

Ghost Dixon: Hmm. PLANE BLOW UP!

(phone rings)

Ms. Secretary: Hello?

Mr. Big Boss Man Thingy: How's Jake doing?

Ms. Secretary: I don't know. I think he's dead.

Mr. Big Boss Man Thingy: Well could you check?

Ms. Secretary: Sure. JAKE!

(no response)

Ms. Secretary: Yep, he's dead.

Gummy Bear: Mr. Big Boss Man Thingy, you have a call.

Mr. Big Boss Man Thingy: I'M FULL! GO AWAY!

(phone hangs up, phone rings)

Ms. Secretary: Hello?

Chris: Hello, is this a marshmallow cream pie?

Ms. Secretary: I'm sorry, I can't talk right now.

Chris: Why not?

Ms. Secretary: Because I'm on restriction.

Chris: From who?

Ms. Secretary: I don't know.

Chris: Why are you on restriction?

Ms. Secretary: I found a dirty sock in my drawer. Bye.

(phone hangs up)

Ghost Dixon: Right.

Jeremy: Supreme Ruler Jeff The Great, I come here in peace.

Jeff: Thank you. I believe you will make a strong ally.

Jeremy: Sure, as long as I get my game back!

Jeff: Yes, the day of Armageddon for those worms isn't far from now.

(Writer: Inside joke.)

Ghost Dixon: WE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

Jake: That's my M&M bag.

Chelsea: No, it's mine!

Jake: IT'S MINE!

Chelsea: MINE!

Jake: So how'd it get there?

Chelsea: Why don't you tell me?

Jake: Why don't you tell me?

Chelsea: Why don't you tell me?

Jake: Why don't you tell me?

Chelsea: Why don't you tell me?

Kyle: SHUT UP! Besides, it's mine.

Katie: Stop it! Let's just get there.

Jake: How'd John get to ride in his jet with only Sam and Chris?

Chelsea: Because Sam's one of them.

Jake: Good point.

Kyle: Here we come!

(plane lands)

Rem: Glad you could make it.

Dala: It took you guys long enough.

Kyle: HEY! My jet can't go as fast as you three and those dragons.

Matt & Rem: You dissin the dragons?

Kyle: You bet I am.

(dragons roar)

Kyle: I mean.aren't those the cutest butterflies you ever saw?


Rem: Get 'em Irthy.

(dragon breaths fire)

Jiru: Let's get down to business.

(plane comes in)

John: Sorry we're late, someone wasted most of our fuel on a telephone call. CHRIS!

Chris: Hey, it's a living.

John: How?

Chris: Don't ask questions, we're on an important mission. Now, where are we?

(motorcycle drives up)

Brad: Hey guys, I'm here, and I'm sober. But where exactly is here?

Jake: Brad, so good you could make it.

Brad: Uh-huh, sure. Where are we again?

Jiru: Jake, where have you brought us?

Dala: I did not just waste my energy on coming here, because if I did then somebody's going to get it!

Jake: Don't worry. I almost know just about where we are-I think.

Everyone: Jake!

Ghost Dixon: Just kill 'em already.

Josh: We have to get to the hair spray department and save all the shoes!

Stephanie: Why?

Josh: Well, we aren't really doing much; we might as well make ourselves useful.

Stephanie: By saving shoes from the hair spray department?

Jay: SHUT UP! Let's just find a way to un-shrink me!

Stephanie & Josh: NO!

Matt: Can I come?

(bazooka fires)

Ghost Dixon: Those dead people really lift my 'spirit'.

Ryan: What's that?

Comic Book Guy: That is an original Star Trek #1.

Ryan: I'll take it!

Comic Book Guy: Give me money.

Ryan: Here. Thank you!

Comic Book Guy: Good-bye!

Ryan: Oh, I'll just burn it here.

Comic Book Guy: Wha-

(comic book burns)

Comic Book Guy: NOOOOOOOO!

Ghost Dixon: Why isn't Ryan dead?

Screwy Louie: Ribbit, ribbit.

Dr. Scientist: Good idea. We should give them names.

Jeff: Doing something without me?

Dr. Scientist: N-no sir.

Jeremy: Cool! Can I get in?

Jeff: Well, what were you discussing?

Gorilla Jim: Gruntut!

Jeff: Naming them, huh? Well, let's get started.

Ghost Dixon: What's going on?

Dala: I want you to tell me where we are RIGHT NOW!

Jake: I think we're at-

Jiru: We're at a dimensional time portal.

Brad: Come again?

Jiru: A dimensional time portal.

Matt: Jiru, those things don't exist.

Jiru: And dragons do?

Matt: Well.

Jiru: That's what I thought.

Chelsea: So what good will this do us?

Sam: Yeah. It's like, so retarded.

Jiru: This could be our answer.

John: How?

Jiru: Don't ask questions, we're on an important mission. Look! A control panel!

Ghost Dixon: First I die, then they don't die, now they're going into another dimension? WITHOUT ME?

Tridon: Supreme Ruler Jeff The Great, I come in peace.

Zidon: Me too!

Jeff: Who are you two?

Tridon: I am Tridon, Leader of the Gypsies.

Zidon: And I'm Zidon, Second in Command of the Gypsies.

Jeff: What are you doing here?

Tridon: We're trying to bring gypoctical peace throughout the galaxy-

Jeff: Don't talk.

(walks a little toward Jeff)

Tridon: But sir-

(pulls out a gun)

Jeff: Come any closer and you die. Now, back up.

Tridon: But due to the Earth being spherical in shape and not having an edge, technically if I take a step back that would be toward-

Jeff: Are you talking?

Zidon: Get 'em Tridon!

Jeff: Are you talking?

Zidon: You bet I am! What are you going to do about it?

(gun fires)

Zidon: Oh.


Ghost Dixon: Well, a death is a death.

Jiru: I've never seen a control panel anything like this before.

Brad: I've seen two.

Chris: No you haven't!

Brad: So? By the way, this is my pet hamster, Infect. I have to warn you, though. He's short-tempered. And he's got a laser on his head.

Rem: And twenty feet tall?

Brad: No. Twenty-two feet tall.

Rem: That makes a lot more sense.

Ryan: What does this button do?

Jiru: No! Don't press that!

(pushes buttons-all of them-three times)

Jake: You idiot!

Kyle: Man, what have you done?

Chelsea: Ryan.


Chelsea: Don't mess things up.

Dala: Jiru?

Jiru: I've got to switch the dimensional portal into a place possible. THE CONTROL PANEL IS REALLY MESSED UP!

(portal grows bigger)

Jiru: NOOOO!

(pulls Jiru and the others in)

Katie: AH!


Everyone: SHUT UP!

Matt: What's going on?

Jiru: We're going through the dimensions into whatever one Ryan put in. but the portal will get bigger and bigger.I've got to get to the control panel before everything is pulled in!

Ghost Dixon: I didn't do it!

Jeremy: What is this?

Jeff: Uh-oh.

Ghost Dixon: What the.?

(Writer: Like I said, this story is full of surprises. Now all the detectives will be going through mixed up fairy tales in hope of getting home. Hey, it ain't over until the fat lady sings.)

(opera lady starts singing)

(Writer: It's not over yet, and don't expect the end any time soon. Here's the first fairy tale: Cinderdala.)

Mean Sam-Sister(Sam): Cinderdala! Get in here!

Cinderdala(Dala): What is it, Mean Sam-Sister?

Mean Sam-Sister: Go do my chores!

Cinderdala: No way.


Mean Sam-Sister: Lay off, retard.

Cinderdala: Do your own chore, freak!

Bradumbo(Brad): Now, girls, be nice.

Cinderdala: Oh be quiet, you big flying freak with the stupid magic feather- thing.

Bradumbo: Hey! This is no ordinary magic feather-thing. This helps me fly and stuff.

Mean Jiru-Sister(Jiru): Cinderdala, do Mean Sam-Sister's chores or you can't go to the Fall!

Bradumbo: Ha, ha!


Cinderdala, Mean Sam-Sister & Mean Jiru-Sister: SHUT UP!

(throws Bradumbo out the window)

Bradumbo: I'm flying! I'm flying! Wait a minute, no I'm not! AAH!


Mean Sam-Sister: That was like, so retarded.

Mean Chelsea-Mother(Chelsea): What are you girls doing?

Mean Sam-Sister: It was Cinderdala! She's the one that broke your vase.

Mean Chelsea-Mother: My vase isn't broken.


Mean Sam-Sister: It is now.

Mean Chelsea-Mother: Cinderdala, I'm surprised at you.

Cinderdala: Surprised at me?

Mean Chelsea-Mother: Go to your room!

Mean Jiru-Sister: She also broke the window.

Mean Chelsea-Mother: That window was already broken.

Mean Jiru-Sister: She broke it again!

Mean Chelsea-Mother: That's it! Cinderdala! Go to the basement and stay there until I say you can get out.

Cinderdala: What? I didn't do anything.

Mean Sam-Sister: And she looked at your eyebrow.

Mean Chelsea-Mother: You what?! CINDERDALA! YOU CAN'T GO TO THE FALL!

Cinderdala: I didn't do that.

Mean Chelsea-Sister: Do you think I care?!

Cinderdala: You're so cruel!

(stomps off)

Ghost Dixon: Wow, that's harsh. Well, let's see what happens with Cinderdala.

Cinderdala: I don't see why I can't go to the Fall. It's not fair!

Squeaky Mouse(Rem): Don't worry, Cinderdala. We'll sneak you to the Fall.

Pesky Cockroach(Ryan): Yeah, we'll throw you out the window.


Cinderdala: Eeeeeeeeew. I got gushy junk on my shoe.

(Writer: Please note that if you die in another dimension, you will remain alive so I don't loose too many characters.)

Cinderdala: I know! I'll go anyway!

Ghost Dixon: Once the Mean people went off to the Fall.

Cinderdala: Time to leave.

(door opens; FLASH!)

Fairy Kay Person(Katie): Hi, I'm your Fair Kay Person. I'm here to help you to the Fall.

Cinderdala: Thanks, but it's right across the street.

Fairy Kay Person: Nonsense! Here.


Cinderdala: Wow! A horse and carriage!


Fairy Kay Person: There.

Cinderdala: Why did you turn a perfectly good horse and carriage into a beaver and a pumpkin pie?

Fairy Kay Person: Because I'm creative. Now, sit on the beaver and the pumpkin pie will take you wherever you need to go.

Cinderdala: You know what? I think I'll just cross the street.

Fairy Kay Person: Whatever.


Cinderdala: The Fall is starting!

(runs over to the Fall; chopping sounds)

Cinderdala: AAH! The giant duck is falling!

(finishes chopping; duck falls on Cinderdala)

Mean Sam-Sister: Look! Glass ruby slip-on shoes!

Mean Chelsea-Mother: Put them on, dear.

(puts shoes on)

Mean Jiru-Sister: Now tap them together.

(tap, tap, tap)

Mean Sam-Sister: There's no place like the attic, there's no place like the attic, there's no place like the attic.


Mean Jiru-Sister: HAHA! She fell in the Golden Commode.

Mean Chelsea-Mother: Fell in the Golden Commode?

Mean Jiru-Sister: Fell in the Golden Commode.

Everyone: *singing* Fall in the Golden Commode. Fall in the Golden Commode. Fall in, fall in, fall in, fall in, fall in the Golden Commode.

(Writer: That's enough).


(Writer: Next fairy tale. Jake and the Footstalk.)

Jake(Jake): I'M HUNGRY!

Mother(Katie): Go sell the cow so I can fix some hamburgers.

Jake: But last time I sold the cow that guy gave me twelve bottles of hair toxic.

Mother: Don't worry about. This time get money.

(door opens; Jake walks out; door closes; moo)

Jake: Come on, cow, let's go.

Cow(Chris): This is so degrading.

Jake: Shut up!

Gypsy Salesman(Tridon): Hey, listen kid, how 'bout I give you these here football helmets for that cow.

Jake: Are they magic football helmets?

Gypsy Salesman: Sure, why not?

Jake: Ok!

Cow: Now wait a minute, you're trading me for magic football helmets?

Jake: I know, that guy's getting a bad deal, but it's great!

Cow: HEY! I thought you were hungry.

Jake: And I thought cows didn't talk.

Cow: Oh, yeah.

Gypsy Salesman: BYE!

(door opens)

Jake: Look Mother! I traded the cow for football helmets.

Mother: You what?!

Jake: Magic football helmets.

Mother: You good-for-nothing little twerp! Go to your room!

Jake: But I did that last week!

Mother: And as for these!

(throws football helmets out the window; window brakes, cat screams, sheep baas, old fat drunk pukes)

Mother: There.

Ghost Dixon: But little did they know, that when they went to bed, the magic football helmets grew into a giant footstalk.

Jake: Wow! A footstalk. I'll climb it for no reason, whatsoever!

(climb footstalk, jumps on cloud, falls through cloud, hits the ground, climbs footsatlk, jumps on cloud, hits ground, climbs footstalk, jumps on castle floor)

Jake: Ow. Now, what's in here?

(giant door creaks open)

Jake: Wow! A giant place! Wait a minute, a giant place like this in the clouds, Mother and my money problems. if I sold this information to the public. WE'LL BE CLOUD MONARCHS!

Giant Jim(Gorilla Jim):Fee, fie, foe, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. No, wait, that's coconuts. Ah. coconuts.

(Writer: Gorilla Jim could always talk normally, but 'grunt' seemed much more appropriate.)

Jake: Wow, this guy could squash me like a bug.

Mouyle(Kyle): He could do more than that if he wanted to.

Mattouse(Matt): That's for sure.

Jouse(John): He kill you 'til you dead. Here me? DEAD!

Mouyle: That's enough.

Jake: Who are you three?

Mouyle: We're the three blind mice.

Mattouse: The three blind mice.

Jouse: That eats cheese.

Jake: Well, can I see how you three blind mice run?

Mattouse: See how we run?


Mouyle: Ok, let's do our skit.


Mouyle, Mattouse, & Jouse: *singing* Three blind mice. Three blind mice. See how we run. See how we run. We run real fast blah, blah, blah. I forgot the words and hit the wall. THREE.BLIND.MICE!!!


Giant Jim: Mouse swatter works like a charm.

Jake: Yikes.


Jake: If you say so.

(eats coconuts)

Giant Jim: How's my bronze gander doing?

Bronze Gander(Brad): Just fine, thank you.

Giant Jim: SING FOR ME!

Bronze Gander: Whatever. *singing* Everybody run! The homecoming queen's got a gun!

Giant Jim: Sing again.

Bronze Gander: No.


Bronze Gander: La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Giant Jim: That sounds like some kind of off-key Barney song. Big improvement.

Bronze Gander: Whatever you say.

Jake: If I can get that Bronze Gander, then I can rule the ocean-somehow.

Giant Jim: Shut up.

(stomp, stomp, stomp)

Jake: Aah!


Jake: Got to reach the footstalk.

(jumps and.falls through the cloud, climbs up the footstalk, falls through the cloud, climbs the footstalk)

Jake: I'll climb down it this time.

(climbs down, Giant Jim follows, footstalk falls, everyone dies from an earthquake before the two people hit the ground)

(Writer: Well that was stupid.)


Ghost Dixon: They died, AND THEY'RE NOT HERE?! HOW UNFAIR! Oh, well. I'll live. WAIT A MINUTE! Huh? Oh yeah. Let's check on the dead people.

Stephanie: I don't care what you say, I am not going to save those stupid shoes from the hair spray department.

Josh: But they need to be saved!

Stephanie: WHY?! THEY'RE SHOES!!!!!!! NOT TO MENTION, THEY'RE DEAD!!!!!!!!
Josh: Keep you voice down, I'm trying to think here.

Stephanie: What's to think about you big party animal?! You're dead, remember?

Jay: I'm still here!

Josh & Stephanie: SHUT UP!

Josh: Look, all I'm asking is to risk you life for some worthless shoes that no one cares about.

Stephanie: WHAT LIFE?!

Josh: All of them.


Stephanie: Shut up. Now, to make use of our time dead, we might as well save those shoes from the hair spray department.

Josh: YEA!

Stephanie: Now, where's this hair spray department?

Josh: Uh.

Ghost Dixon: That was stupid.

(Writer: Next story is: Little Red Riding Jiru.)

Wolf(Jeremy): I'm going to take this hair spray, meat tenderizer, and bug spray cans to Grandma's house!

Father(Jeff): AND DON'T COME BACK!

(door closes)

Wolf: *singing* La, la, la, la, la.

Little Red Riding Jiru(Jiru): Hey, Wolf! What you doing?

Wolf: I'm taking this hair spray, meat tenderizer, and bug spray to Grandma's house.

Little Red Riding Jiru: I'm going to eat you!

Wolf: *high-pitched voice* EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!


Little Red Riding Jiru: I've to get to Grandma's house before Wolf so I can get rid of these pesky bugs.


Little Red Riding Jiru: GRANDMA! OPEN UP!

Grandma(Chelsea): Why of course, deary.

Little Red Riding Jiru: Thanks.

Wolf: GRANDMA! I'm here!

Grandma: Freeze! Agent Chelsea, FBI. You're under arrest for theft and attempted murder.

Wolf: What?

Grandma: Now give this poor girl back her sprays.

Little Red Riding Jiru: YEA!


Little Red Riding Jiru: There.

(bugs buzzing everywhere)

Grandma: That's not the bug spray; that's meat tenderizer.

(Writer: That's enough.)


Ghost Dixon: That was REALLY stupid.

Stephanie: How do you expect us to save those stupid dead worthless shoes from that dead hair spray department if it doesn't exist?!

Josh: How do you expect me to know?

Jay: How'd we get away from the bad guys?

Tyler: You didn't!

Matt: Yeah! What he said. What'd you say?

Party Pooper: You can't leave me in Alaska this time, Josh!

Stephanie: Whatever.

Ghost Dixon: Ooookay.

(Writer: Now for Peter Pinhead.)

Peter Pinhead(Chris): I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!

Chendy(Chelsea): Be quiet, we're trying to sleep. And what are you doing to your shadow?

Peter Pinhead: I'm killing it because it won't stop following me around.

John(John): You can't do that, stupid. You have to kill your shadow with light, not a bazooka.

Headless Snowman(Rem): And don't forget about throwing pumpkin-shaped coal at it.

Chendy: Shut up.

(lights a fire)

Headless Snowman: I'm melting! MELTING!

John: That's a good thing.

Headless Snowman: Oh.

Captain Jeff(Jeff): I will steal you and then destroy your hopes and dream in Never-Ever-Go-There-Land!

Peter Pinhead: Not if I can help! You'll never kidnap us, because we can swim!

Captain Jeff: Swim? That's not going to do you much good if I throw you overboard!


John: Captain Jeff swam like a brick, brick, brick.

(tick, tick, tick)

Captain Jeff: It's the dragon that ate my leg!

(dragon roars)

Captain Jeff: AAAHHH!

(dragon breaths fire)

Captain Jeff: Take a Winterfresh. *singing* Because a Winterfresh mouth taste much, much cooler.

Everyone: Cooler!

(dragon blows bubbles)

Peter Pinhead: My head's always good for something!


(Writer: Ok, that's it.)


(Writer: Now for Snow Brown and the Three Little Pigs.)

Evil Louie(Screwy Louie): Ribbit, ribbit. (Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the froggiest of them all?

Mirrad(Brad):Not you!

Evil Louie: Ribbit, ribbit. (WHY YOU LITTLE- if I'm not the froggiest, then who is?

Mirrad: How am I supposed to know?

Evil Louie: Ribbit, ribbit. (JUST TELL ME!)

Mirrad: Probably Snow Brown.

Evil Louie: Ribbit, ribbit. (Well I'll just have to have her killed then! BWAHAHA! BWAHAHA!)

Mirrad: Whatever.

Evil Louie: Ribbit, ribbit. (Wolf, have Snow Brown killed and bring her eyebrow to me!)

Wolf(Jeremy): As you wish.

Ghost Dixon: Snow Brown's gonna die! HAHAHAHAHA!

Snow Brown(Chelsea): La, la, la, la, la. Flowers.

Wolf: I'm gonna kill you!

Snow Brown: Eeeeeeeeekk!


Wolf: Come back here!

Snow Brown: Never!

Wolf: Why don't you hide in the straw house?

Snow Brown: Good idea.

(door opens, door closes)

Little Pig One(Rem): What're you doing in my house?

Snow Brown: Many reasons. Choose one.

Wolf: Open up or I'll blow your house down.

Little Pig One: JUST TRY IT!

Wolf: You asked for it!

(trombone wails, house collapses)

Wolf: Piggy!

(eats Little Pig One)

Snow Brown: No!

Wolf: Don't you hide in the glass house!

Snow Brown: Good idea!

(door opens, door closes)

Little Pig Two(Ryan): What're you doing in my house?

Snow Brown: Shut up or I'll have bacon for breakfast.

Wolf: Open up or I'll crash your house down!

Little Pig Two: JUST TRY IT!

Wolf: You asked for it!

(throws stone, house breaks)

Wolf: Chopped up piggy!

(eats Little Pig Two)

Snow Brown: NO!

Wolf: Don't you hide in that mined jail!

Snow Brown: Good idea!

(door opens, mine explodes, door closes)

Little Piggy Three(Gorilla Jim): GRUNT!

Snow Brown: No.

Wolf: Open up or I'll. keep yelling out here!

(jail goes boom for some reason)

Little Piggy Three: WOLFY!

(eats Wolf)

Little Pig Three: Snow Brown!

(eats Snow Brown)

(Writer: That was really stupid.)


Jiru: Finally! We're back in the right dimension.


Ryan: What?

(Uzi fires)

John: KYLE! He was on our side!

Kyle: Well duh.

Jiru: Matt, Dala, come look at this. This vortex is so unusual and high- tech.

Jake: Keep Matt away from it! It might blow up!

Dala: Don't be ridic-


Jake: What happened? THE VORTEX BLEW UP!

Matt: Maybe there was a diskabobulation in the gooey fertilizing material that makes elephant noses implode in the neurotic fermentation in the myocardial infarction that causes encephalitis in the blood stream that has an ammonia in the purple-green radiogram swirls therefore making a hyperbolic systematic epiglottis.

Rem: Wha-

Chelsea: Don't ask.

Jake: What'd you say?

Matt: He had a heart attack.


Matt: That's probably because you broke it.

Kyle: Katie? You actually went out with a vortex?

Katie: NO! Don't listen to that little outer space dweep. There's no telling what ugly thing he's going out with.

Jiru: Slow down there girl, what did you say about me?

Katie: Huh? What I-

(deranged herd of seals come and stomp all over Katie and Kyle)

Jiru: There.

Jake: How many people do we have left? Let's do a count off. One.

John: Two.

Jiru: Three.

Dala: Four.

Matt: Five.

Rem: Six.

Chris: Seven.

Brad: No, I'm seven.

Chris: No way!

Jiru: You're seven and eight.

Sam: Nine.

Chelsea: Ten.

Rem: I'm afraid of Chris because Chris Brad Sam.

(everyone-including the dragons-hit Rem upside the head)

Jeff: Now that we're back, time to unleash my ultimate creation!

Jiru: They're.

Matt: No, no, no!

Dala: Oh, no.

Jake: That looks just.

John: I can't believe it.

Chelsea: This is bad.

Sam: This one looks, like so retarded.

Jeff: Screwy Louie, Gorilla Jim, Jeremy, Tridon, now it is time to battle. Release them.

Tridon: As you wish!

Matt: Iosias.

(dragons roar)

to be continued.