Reality had just dug a hole in Justin, He felt like a different person ever since that kiss with Darcy. The thing that he thought would make his life complete tore him apart more than ever. Memories of both of them made a slideshow in his head as he miserably tried to erase it all. She avoided him more than ever. Countless phone calls, countless attempts to crawl in her window; all failed.

Jackson wasn't a big help either. As farther away Justin would get, the closer Jackson would get to her. His flirtatious self would act more differently around Darcy than Justin could have imagined.

'Maybe since Darcy isn't exactly my friend anymore, maybe Jackson would have a chance with her 'cause she can't feel like dating her best friend.' Justin often thought to himself.

Mandy was being really nice to him. She'd call him, see if he was OK, and then break out into a discussion about various topics. She seemed a lot nice towards him lately, probably out of pity. She knew Darcy more than her own mother and would know that Darcy would rather date an ape than him.

For about a month, Justin would leave roses at her doorstep, notes telling her to call him tied to the handle on her window, and he would leave constant messages on her phone. He emailed her several times and would put little notes for her in her mailbox.

About a week later, Jackson's friend Bryan had a pool party and invited almost everyone their age. Mandy had brought Darcy with her and Jackson had brought Justin. Justin tried his hardest not to grab Darcy and ask her what the heck was wrong with her.

A group of guys started squirting each other with squirt guns the size of their arm. Girls started running around screaming and the other guys would laugh. After someone got hurt tripping and landing on their arm, everyone decided to swim, where everyone, acting like idiots, would dunk each other and have water fights.

Bryan turned on some music after awhile and people started to dance instead of swimming.

Jackson grabbed Darcy and started to dance to the fast beat and Justin raged with fury. Justin had to talk to her, and he talk to her now. He had to express his feelings to her the way she's been lingering for over a month.

Jealousy possesed him. As Jackson and Darcy were dancing, Justin had somehow grabbed Darcy while Jackson spun her.

"What do you want?"

"I need to talk to you"

"No we don't."

Justin dipped Darcy.

"We are going to talk. You know we need to."

"Justin, forget it, I don't love you, I can't love you."

And with that, Darcy pulled away and ran away from him.

* * * * * * * * * *

The emptiness inside my heart Distressed more than from the start Trust left behind No love that I can find

Well, that poem just about sucked. Justin had a strong writers block and it was annoying him. He couldn't think of anything other than Darcy. She was running around his mind like birds would in those cartoons after someone got hit in the head.

Justin had found an entry form for a poetry/short story contest in a magazine and he thought that'd keep his mind off of Darcy. It wasn't working. In fact, all it did was bring him more memories of him. Plus he couldn't name poems to save his life. Justin scribbled in his blue notebook for another two hours. He finally came out with a short story that he truly liked and that expressed his feelings.

'Fireworks go off, and I'm afraid to sleep thinking it'll all go away in oblivion. I can't sleep, I won't sleep. Reality is better than any dream I could ever have. Emotions I never thought I'd feel went through my body. Every minute, every seconds, meant the world to me. I didn't want that one moment to end. That split second that make me just simply like a person to being dangerously in love. The place. The time. The person. It was the final piece of the puzzle, the icing on the cake, the lucious cherry on the ice cream sundae. One day I woke up from this dream. Something happened. It's gone. It's over. Why must I be dragged away?'

'There we go.' Thought Justin.

The phone started to ring and Justin, getting his hopes up, answered it.


"Hey Justin, it's Mandy."

His life just got sucked in torture farther than he thought it could. Jackson and Darcy were going out.