Could Anyone Love Me?
Is it possible for someone to love me?
No one seems to.
My father didn't,
Or he wouldn't have left.
My mother didn't,
Or she wouldn't have left.
My boyfriend didn't,
Showed his love,
By cheating on me on Valentines Day.

How could people,
Be so cruel?
Am I wearing a sign somewhere,
That says hurt me?
Do I look,
Like I like to be let down?
I guess,
I am cursed,
To never be loved.

Do people just like,
To make me feel weak?
Do they like to torture me,
By taking the thing I want most?
Is there someone out there,
Pulling my puppet strings,
Making me die inside?
Or is there someone out there,
That could love me?

I don't think I will ever be loved,
So I guess I should give up.
People bring people down,
To make themselves higher.
And I always seem to be,
The one to be crushed.
I just wish I could find,
That someone for me.
But he doesn't exists.