Mercuria: *grin* Hey, kids.
I'm Mercuria, former-atheist-turned-Buddhist, and this poem was inspired by Alyx Bradford ... *bows to Alyx*
Faith is not the ultimate reality

Restorative draught, yes
Handcuffs, yes
Creator of serenity
The last dead end
A shining something ...

But no matter what faith has given or taken
Faith is a fun-house mirror.

From where you stand, perhaps
you are right, the keeper of truth absolute
You have only to shift your feet
and your perfect reflection distorts
A twist and a twirl
and your angel is cold and grotesque
Someone else's paradise beckons ...

This constant shifting of the spiritual plane-
it doesn't make you any less right or wrong
But if you refuse to see faith's fallibility
you freeze the world in your own image
a twisted mirror

Faith is a guide, not a monolith
God is a presence, not a dictator
Time is fluid and lithe- times change
and when faith is brittle and hard
then the times must break ... or faith must die
Don't kill your faith for imposing ideals

Faith is not the ultimate reality
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