Imagine this.
My heart has been shattered
Yes, it is broken
Yet I don't want to talk about it
Not a word of it is spoken
I am convinced
That this I could hide
Though the truth is
I would've easily cried
If my friends asked
I would say I was okay
Not wanting them to know
Why did I act this way?
With all the problems I've dealt with
I'd just kick them aside
Hoping the feeling
Would in time, go by
But time and time again
This method never worked out
Eventually I'd burst
Resulting in anger all day throughout
The feelings eventually gather up
Until I could not keep them in
They explode out abruptly
All the bad feelings within
However through experience
I've learned to keep my thoughts inside
Able to keep quiet
Able to hide
M friends often ask for a reason
About why I don't express how I truly do
Well here's the truth
To all of you
I would feel guilty
Spreading my depression to other people
So why do I keep these thoughts to myself?
Well now you know