To each is given a first chance
Whole, perfect, absolute with the bond of unbroken trust.
I spent my first chance unwisely-
Squandered it because of Fear's nefarious counsel.

Only too late did I see my folly.

I wander around and search
In the slight hope that maybe God will smile,
And I'll find a loan on a second chance.
Though remote the odds may be,
One has no choice to try or die.

I, at last, go to the Commerce of Loans
And am immediately stopped by
The ominous sign that hangs from the thick oaken door.
It reads: "Loans on a second chance only granted
To those with perfect credit."

I ruined my 'perfect credit,'
Though splendid it was in days of old.
Still, many years of rights could never outweigh
The leaden enormity of a single wrong.
Yet undaunted, I venture inside to try
My luck with something more personal than a sign.

I address the clerk, who promptly denies me
Any right to a second chance,
Correctly stating that I was a transgressor,
And in no way deserving of the risk.

"Is there nothing else you could give me?"
"We have items less gratifying, yes."
"Perhaps absolution, mercy... a kind smile?"
"I'm afraid the best we can offer for such as you
Are a distant acquaintance and a cold stare."

"How much for these, if these are all I may have?!"
"One hundred and fifty dollars- and your peace of mind, for the trouble."

**Author's Note: $150 is the sum of a loan, ironically, that I cancelled for an old friend. He remains unwilling to cancel the loan against me in his heart.