"A Story"
Unfortunate, I can see the look in your eyes,
It's the look of you hating, seeing me living my life.
Unfortunate, I can no longer despise,
The black hair, the skies and the lies.

The story you have heard one too many times,
Of hearing me leading my successful life.
Jade, glass, and all the diamonds,
The things I'd do would always be too...

Unfortunate, the snug look on all our faces,
The snug look of feeling those braces.
Unfortunate, the feeling of the laser traces,
Unable to run away from police stations.

The story you have heard about my fascinations,
Revolting against the system and the wars, plantations.
Ruby rings and the topaz bracelets,
The things I'd do would wind up a waste while...

Living in Vegas,
Lying in pages,
Death in proportions,
Live in distortions,
I'm living unfortunately,
In a story.