Dreams and eyes adrift,
Desires I admire.
The spirits you could lift,
You set my mind on fire.

Extinguish and distinguish,
The fish, he swims at sea.
The scents of lemon Old English,
Right Guard on the left side of me.

Connected through the networks,
Whatever you thought, it could work.
You jerked me around, no more I say!
The day the whole world went away!

Apostasy and hatred and spite,
Don't worry about me ever.
I never thought I'd live, never,
Until you healed me from the fever.

Streaks of sunlight in the distance,
Dance in the moonlight and rains.
Volts and shocks of electricity,
Shoot through me like your pains.

Clocks strike eight, seven, six,
You always made me sick.
Clocks strike five, four, three,
You never appealed to me.
Clocks strike two, one, zero,
Yet, you were always my hero.