I've cried so many tears,
they threaten to drown me.

I've cried so long and hard,
that I no longer care.

if I drown in the tears of sorrow I've shed,
maybe it's better off that way.

I can't help the one I love most,
he is my brother by heart.

tough we share no blood,
other than that of our pack.

I can't help but fear for him,
for his safety.

I love him like a brother,
for to me that's what he is.

I can't stand senceing him cry,
so much so pain rips through me.

tears fall from my eyes,
they cool the flames on my cheeks.

for flames they are from holding in anger towards all that hurt him,
the anger burns me and is quenched only by my tears.

I hold the anger from myself,
for I feel a have hurt him.

I don't know how but I feel I have,
though I tried to stray the knife.

as long as I'm here,
I know he won't harm him self.

that's what I say to myself,
constantly hoping it is true.

I hope he doesn't hate me,
for trying to stray his hand.

his sister needs him,
and so does the pack.

if the leader finds out,
he'll be sad to hunt.

he won't make things good for himself,
because he would not leave with a life in peril.

I fear to make a choice,
to stay and care for the fallen.

or to hunt as I wish,
I will not abandon and there fore must heal.

but I can not,
for I make things worse for both leader and fallen.

I want out but will not abandon,
there are others in the pack that need me too.

though not fallen they feel the same as I,
saddened by what is become.

all I can do,
is weep and watch.

all I can do,
is fear and hope.

I'm so hapless to what approaches,
that I know not what it is. how can I help him?

how can I,
help any of them.

there are many not in the pack,
I care for them too.

but how can I help them,
if I can not help the brethren I cling to?

I stray the knife one again,
but not from him from me.

I know how much I am needed and I will not abandon,
though I am ill from all this I can not leave him be.

I can only hope,
I can only watch,
I can only support,
I can only wait.

An: This is something I wrote when one of my friends was trying to kill himself, luckily he's better now so I'm happy.