1. Jez
Ree believes in fate. I don't. She thinks it was destiny. I think it was
Whatever it was, I liked it. Ree and I met Ads and Toi while we were out
shopping for prom dresses. Neither of us had a date yet, but we felt the
need to have a dress just in case.
We roamed the Jaxin Faire Mall in despair. We had been there for three
hours and not even found a decent dress. We both wanted a spectacular
dress, but decent wasn't even in sight.
Something else was in sight though. Ree saw them first.
"Double hottie alert, ten o'clock."
I never understood that whole o'clock version of direction, but this time I
saw what she was looking at.
"Let's go introduce ourselves," I suggested.
"What are we suppose to say? 'We saw you, thought you were totally hot,
and decided to say hi'? I don't think so."
"Just watch, Ree. Just watch."
We pretended to wander over to them, acting as if we didn't know they were
standing outside Abercrombie & Fitch, looking better than the models
When we got near then, I acted surprised, "Whoa! Are you two twins?"
Okay, so that's one of the most annoying questions identical twins can get.
Ree and I hate it.
"Are you?" The one that looked just like the other shot back.
I threw a glance at Ree that said, 'See how it's done?'
"I mean, I haven't seen you guys before and I was just a little surprised
to see new twins."
"Yeah, we just moved here."
"That's cool. How old are you?"
So far only the one had spoken. The other twin, who somehow wasn't as cute
as his mirror image, was as silent as Ree.
"We're both seventeen."
I nodded, "That's cool. So are we. Well, we will be in like a week or
The silent one looked at his watch and nudged his speaking counterpart.
"We gotta run. I'm sorry. Maybe we could get together sometime. What did
you say your name was?"
"I'm Jessica, but everyone calls me Jez. And this is Ree, short for
"Cool. I'm Adrew, or Ads. I'm paired with Tomis, more commonly known as
Toi. Hey, do you have a pen?"
I looked through my purse, "Nope. I have eyeliner."
"That'll work." He stuck out his hand, "Give me your phone number and I'll
call you."
I wrote our number on his hand with my super-waterproof eyeliner.
He ran off after Toi and I turned to Ree, "Who knows how to get us some hot
She grinned, "Jez, he was so 'don't call me, I'll call you'."
"Was not!"
"Yeah he was! I mean, he didn't give you his phone number, did he?"
"Uh, did I ask? No. Did we even have time? No."
"Stop making excuses. Let's go home." She was grinning even though she
claimed we'd just been dissed by hot twins.
I knew her too well. She was totally dreaming about the silent one.