31. Jez
I woke up around 2:30. The pen Ree had given me was poking into my hip;
the clipboard and paper was on my face.
I sat up and wiped the drool off my chin. Waking up was never very nice
for me.
Though I was hungry, I was too disoriented and sleepy to go downstairs. I
decided to follow Ree's advice and write a letter to Ads.
It took more than several tries. More than several was about thirty or
Dear Ads,
To Ads:
Adrew Gemin--
I decided against any heading and went straight to the body.
I don't know what to do, but.
I really want you to.
I'm sorry. I'd like to.
I finally ended up with one paragraph and a plea:
I know you're mad right now. I'm pretty upset myself. Unfortunatly,
that's not going to help the situation at all. We need to talk. Soon. I
don't know if Toi told you, but Ree went through something very similar to
this once. She almost died. I don't want that to happen to me, or you.
Please call me. If you can't call, give a note to Ree or even just come
over. Please.
I took several tries and finally chose not to sign the note either. He'd
know who it was from.
I folded into thirds and left it on my bedside table for Ree to review.
I slept for three more hours. I woke to the sound of crumpling paper.
"This sucks, Jez." Ree was sitting on the edge of me bed, smashing the
note, "This is suppose to be about you. Don't mention me. And don't use
big words like unfortunately. That's five syllables. His syllable limit
is three. Are you listening to me?"
I rubbed my eyes and sat up, "Huh?"
"That's what I thought. Should I start over?"
"No, I got ya. Could you call him for me?"
"Uh, no?"
"I mean, could you dial the number, get him on the line, and then give me
the phone?"
"No to that too. He's at home, passed out on his couch. Apparently he
went to a bar, got drunk, and that's when Toi and I found him."
"Oh. In that case..."
"You want some food?"
"That too. I was wondering whether or not we should tell mom and dad."
"Not yet. Maybe in a month or so. They can't handle it yet."
"A month?"
"If you're keeping the baby that long. You've got three months until
you're out of luck."
"I don't need that long. I want to get rid of it. Soon."
"Okay. We'll go over to the clinic next week."
"Next week? Why not this weekend?"
"Hello? Birthday? Us?" She waved her hand in a circle.
"Head smack."
She handed me a book and I bopped myself over the head with it, "Okay.
Next weekend?"
"Sure. Sounds good."
"And Ree? Can you have Toi call when Ads is in better shape? I want to
talk to him."
"Of course. Now go back to sleep."