I Would Like To Say:

Musings of Me

I work at a restaurant that's right by the mall. Having been employed there for two years,

I have seen my share of people. I like to study them, imagine the life they lead, and what they

must be thinking. However, the mall closes at 9:30 PM, and soon after, we get a rush of

teenagers, ages 13 to 20, all filling up my lobby and waiting for me to seat them.

Sometimes, I get frustrated, these said kids get rude, demanding, and mainly show off for

their friends. I never knew that to impress the group of people you are with, you have to be

rude to the hostess, and swear at her under your breath. But that's not what is most

surprising. What raises my eyebrows are the girls. Their dress is hardly something I would

wear, them being sometimes as young as thirteen and in tube tops and shorts rolled up at the

waist to appear like underwear. Halter tops can be seen on some of the older girls, their

cleavage abundant and the boys drooling. Make up, hair dressed, and three inches of sandal is

what these girls are all about. Heads always turn when they finally spot Her. She is the girl

that dresses the most scandalously, blonde hair, full chest, and makes every boy in the place

wish they didn't have a girlfriend at the moment.

It didn't take long for me to realize that these girls, and girls everywhere, are in some

hidden, secret competition with each other. I see it all the time. Cruise the mall one time if

you haven't in a while. Most girls when seeing you, however you are dressed, will give you a

quick size-up, compare herself to you, then either dismiss you, or envy you. This all takes a

miniscule second, and you don't even realize it goes on. And don't say you don't do it either,

because all girls do.

So I tend to people watch in the food court, seeing the various girls strut by, and

glance at peoples reaction to them. It might pertain purely to my suburb of Pittsburgh, or it

may occur everywhere, but there is a competition. You look to her clothes, hair, and the all

important waist line. It gets worse in swim suit season. Why is there this competition against

each other? It really boggles my mind, Shouldn't girls bond together in secrecy, instead of

competing in secrecy?

We all face the same challenges as girls. Getting respect from the world, let alone boys,

we all have family fights, and frustrations with money and our jobs. We all even feel insecure

about ourselves some times. So why can't we be as one? I realize the world will never be

perfect, and all girls will not bond together in some macho feministic movement to change the

world and ban size 1 models and starvation diets to fit in this years swimsuit. But there is

something we all can do individually.

Realize we are sisters. We don't always get along, but we know it's impossible for us to

break up. You don't always have to like this person, but don't go out of your way to bring them

down. Instead of sizing yourself up to the clerk wearing the latest fashions at Wet Seal,

smile and compliment her for what a cute shirt she has one. Try it once. I often realize the

other girl will stop sizing you up, and let her guard down so her real personality comes

through if she realizes she doesn't have to compete with you too. If you want to be really

daring, try smiling at a person in the mall that you somehow locked eyes with instead of

looking away immediately.

I'm not paranoid, I don't think any girl is out to get me, but I have been with friends

who call every girl who walks by in skimpy clothing a slut. It doesn't even have to be skimpy,

maybe all it takes is clothing that they couldn't normally where, or afford. Realize we all

come in different sizes. Blame your mothers if you must, but nothing short of plastic surgery

will save you there. I took the time to realize we each have a certain type of beauty, and

each type is needed in the world. How boring would it be if we all looked the same. And if you

see a girl surrounded by guys, don't think she must be sleeping with every one of them. Maybe

she just has a good personality. Instead of beating this girl down mentally, strive to be

charismatic as her.

I guess what I'm trying to say is stop comparing yourself to people. Yes, you. So you're

a size 10, wish to be a three, and have to work an extra hour at your waitress job to get

that killer pink tank top you want from Pacific Sunwear. We're all in the same boat here girls.

Don't criticize girls in your mind. Don't size them up and compare yourself to them. It won't

work for you. Instead realize that a simple compliment will melt the walls between you and a

potential new friend, and that you too actually have alot in common. Try it some time. Because

in a world where boys are all about the sex and body, we need each other now more than ever.