"Death Showers & Scented Flowers"
Death showers and scented flowers,
All the irony in all your power.
Control the youths of all our nations,
Our world is now ruled by frustrations.

The red winged bats and rat-a-tat-tat's,
Gun fire coming from all directions.
Where are they at?
I ask you -
The bomb showers take us down!

When will I ever be there for you, good-bye?
I wasn't there for you, you weren't there for me,
Two wrongs don't make a right,
But multiply it by three and you'll have a solution?

Counter solutions and counter revolutions,
Revolt, my love, please revolt and repent.
Hate my heart for all it's worth,
Take me for that uneducated jerk.

Long time weeping willows and sparrows,
The waste is in the sea of your eye.
The eye of the storm has wrecked and are killing,
All the virgins and all the murder spies.

But then I looked around,
Realizing I just woke up.
I had a nightmare, a dream,
Flowing down stream is mine,
My streamline beauty.
Was it me, was it might?
Was it worth it to take my sight?