"Blank, No Less"
Blank faces stare into the less than bright,
Night that gives you eternal sanctuary.
Gaze into the life you thought was there,
When it disappears, don't look to me for the answers.

Look for the warning in the spider webs,
Signs of the words that knew the debts.
Beliefs and life are a gun and a clip,
And an answer to the society's trip from Mother.

When we are away forever,
A wise man once felt to say,
Sometimes feeling better,
In the end it all goes away.

The palms and the springs tonight,
Tomorrow, the dim lights of stage fright.
Grace your face in the dismal place,
That is your life and my life alike.

The eyes and lives of the wide open,
With the blood running vein of yesterday.
Inferiority complex to the superiority's reflex,
Wake up, please, and find your love is blank, no less.

Blank, no less, when you thought it grand.
The feeling of being the used,
Tools of comfort on your behalf,
Let me ask you, from where do you think,
All these actions will make you land?
Blank, no less,
Gone, no less.