"In The Bahamas"
Sometimes I see the face of a holy man,
Yeah, I heard the truth about you.
They called you and said you had to go,
To a merciful God in the Bahamas.

The bitter sweet irony, of how you hurt your knee,
Will never escape me, nor you.
With all your full proof plans, and abstract helping hands,
You'll never fool me man, nor you, nor you, it's all for you.

And sometimes I see the ways of a Buddhist,
They said I felt the fists of fury.
They said I would have to leave, I would leave the show,
To see a merciful God in the Bahamas.

Red and blue and black lines, and your American thighs,
Will never squeeze the life out of me, nor you.
Dried yellow banana chips, and your American lips,
Could never suck up and steal the life out of me, nor you, it's all in you.