People currently rejoice,
When a thorn bush grows a rose.
But people don't so adequately accept,
A rosebush bearing thorns.

You can't have one without the other,
Nobody receives a pro, without con.
The magician is hard at work,
So when you knock, don't bother.

Please don't ask where I came from,
I just bring you the majestic message.
Alliteration is a beautiful tool,
But when you use it improperly, you might dissolve.

This is my lament, for nobody else.
I write with my fingers and not my mind.
My mind wrapped up in bottled seltzer,
Open that cap at your own risk my friend, yes!

Don't look at me as somebody special,
Please don't think of me what you will.
I am a creative person,
Hey, remember that will?

Small town car goes down a street,
Gallons of red, red wine flow through them.
Boats and dogs swim about the fluids,
When all of the sudden, never mind Buddha!
It's universal!