You can't count on anything,
Please don't expect me to bring,
Love with me to your home,
I lost a long time ago.

My mind's in Pandora's box,
With factory produced locks.
Our hearts are a single pawn in war, before,
The dusk chased the dawn.

It's a weird day & age,
I'm locked inside your cage.
With forgiven love I lost,
Lost in a different space.

I'm in a series of free falls,
Not so free to be,
Locked inside of loveless walls,
With no minds to read.

Can't say that I'm defenseless,
Inside of your fences,
Without any good defenses,
But my mind's my offensive.

Good bye trust & good bye love,
I can't even say that much.
Except good-bye to loveless faces,
And please don't keep in touch.