The Dragon's Tapestry

The tapestry before her, probably fabricated by her dreaming mind, nontheless seemed real enough to carry back to the real world with her, down to the last detail. It hung amongst its fellows in the old shop as inconspicuous as could be. She did not know what made her drawn to hit, nor could she comprehend why she looked at these images with such intrest as she did not feel for the others in the shop. It was not the brightest, nor the largest, nor the darkest of them all. It was not an image that really pleased her to look upon, nor even was of something that she could recognize. She reached out and touched it, more on impulse than anything, her mind as blank as the lifeless street outside the grimy shop windows. The spotlight that followed her around in her dream like it always did, played upon the tapestry as it moved under her touch. The fabric was course, and the coarse bristles pricked and tickled her probing fingers. Dust flew around as it moved, as if she were the first person to come here in a millenia and disturb the layer of dust covering everything and dulling the vivid colors now visible in the beutiful designs of the ruglike tapestry. her eyes wandered wonderingly over the designes, vague but intricately done, that all together told a story. There was a dragon's silouette near the top, woven with incredible skill and care such that each scale was defined in white thread, the sun's light bathing over it and vaguely highlighting the beast's shapely form. A maiden, over whom the sun's rays cast a vaguely silver gleam, sat amidst a forest, watching the creature that lurked in the trees. Right next to it, there was another picture, depicting the dragon's attack, the maiden falling back, and a magical glow that leapt from the dragon's eyes and was mirrored in the girl's. Below that, a young man fought the dragon and, as the girl watched, was slain. The dragon then spread scaly wings and leapt into the sky, leaving the maiden alone. The maiden, the moon highlighting her white, blue and green, tried to go back to her village, her red hair setting her apart. The villagers drove her away with spears and held a memorial for the young man. She fled into the forest, where she met another dragon, who introduced her to his clan and accepted her. Then the humans attacked, the dark form of the first dragon laughing and driving them on with the illusion of a human body wrapped around it. The girl fought back and killed, then the dragon clan was destroyed, and she sat down amongst the bodies in the sunlight and cried tears of blood. She made more friends, and the black dragon came again and destroyed her happiness, making her kill and cry tears of blood, as she was quickly made enemies with all, cursed for her misfortunes. The maiden fled into the mountains, a pair of small dragon wings in her back, and hid there, ever crying a river of blood that coiled around the mountain in the fanciful shape of a long wyrm.
Her eyes met the bottom of the tapestry, disappointed that there wasn't any more. She briskly wiped away the tears that had collected in her eyes, for some reason filled with sorrow from the simple story, feeling something behind it that it was not in the power of the tapestry to tell. The bottom of the tapestry, after the last image of the mountain, was unfinished, the threads hanging limply down, as if mourning their long neglect. As her eyes, against her will, once again clouded with tears, she gasped. In her blurry vision the colors mixed, forming a haunting, vague image, of a blank face and a pair of wings... scales, and a body hiding in dark brush. Her tears left her eyes and the vision vanished, though she could still kind of see the patterns that the colors took....
A sound behind her snapped her back to reality, breaking the hold the tapestry had on her. Her eyes met a pair of cold, enrapturing ones that both glared and questioned at the same time, and shifted in shades of blue and white like a whirling kaleidascope of emotions and images, each coming and going too fast to see. Locked in the stranger's gaze, she held her breath.

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