Chapter One: Another Day

School was such a boring routine. I woke up every day only to get dressed, go to school, space out during class, go home, do enough homework so I could pass, stare at my computer as people instant messaged me, then go to bed. It was so incredibly boring and no day ever seemed to be any different.

Groans escaped my lips the instant I felt the rays of the sun against my eyelids. It was so bright. I wanted to sleep more. Moans escaped my lips as I tried to flip over to the other side of the bed, but even the walls seemed to become a blinding white. There was no way I was going to avoid getting up.

Waddling my way over to the bathroom, I turned the light switch in order to see the mirror and sink. I put on makeup in the morning not because I was self-conscious, but it was just a tradition all of the girls had. If you weren't the epitome of glitz and glam, people spoke about you. A comb ran through my stick straight auburn locks that ran a few inches below my shoulders. It was styled in a way where I had bangs on the right side of my face. I had a small button nose and nicely shaped kissable lips. Once I put down my toothbrush, I smiled to see my perfectly straight white dentures. For a while, I looked at the size of my pupil changing in the middle of my hazel eyes. I was slightly tan, and had a good figure, I thought. The only thing I would want was bigger breasts, but I'll live. I thought I was good looking and others did too, but I was not one of those sluts who tried to get with any guy with a six-pack and cocky attitude.

The sound of the morning bell echoed though the school when I stepped inside. I was late, as usual. This place was surreal; it was those high schools you would see in the movies since it had those obvious cliques with obviously distinct stereotypes who sat at different tables in the cafeteria. I was a floater, some would say, but I had my own little group, the writing group. I was a member of the newspaper, and most of my friends were apart of it too.

I walked to my locker and tried to put in the combination. It was one of those locks that were built into locker and it did not stand the test of time. Not only was it hard to turn the knob, but once the correct combination was set, the door refused to open because it was so rusty. Stupid school. I was hacking and sawing away at it until I heard a voice.

"Sarah, why are you always so late?" This girl squealed. Her voice emphasized so like me being late was hazardous. She was a member of the gossip clique, which consisted of mostly girls that tried to insert their lives in every debacle that happened at school. People tried to avoid them, but they had the ears of animals. This one, Casey, in particular, loved to gossip. You see, we were friends in grade school, and we still spoke; however, she and I are not the best of friends. She loved to tell me stuff I never cared for. I tried to report real news.

"My alarm never works."

"Shame," she never really cared for what I had to say. I began to think she only liked the sound of her voice and thought she was informed and involved when she told others what she knew, "anyway, did you hear what happened?"

"Well seeing that I missed homeroom. It is safe to assume I did not hear squat."

My sarcasm did not reach her ears, "Well, you know Chad Gousman, right?"

The question was dumb. If we were in some unrealistic movie, Chad Gousman would be that guy that was 'perfect' to the superficial girls. He was an athlete, which was why he had such a good body. He had the football player kind of body, which meant rippling muscles, shoulders that were beyond wide, and was just big all around. His face was chiseled, and he had a strong jaw law and strong defining cheek bones. He had a boxed nose and a deep set of brown eyes that girls got lost in. They called his eyes banging brown. He had a deep tan that matched his dark brown hair that was cut short and gelled in the front. I really did not know him, so I was not going to say he was an ego-boosting prick, but I could only assume so. He liked girls and it was obvious. Girls were all over him so he took advantage of it. If our school came out with an issue of People every week, there was a 95 he would always be on the front cover.

"Why do I even ask? Did you see him during the last basketball game? Hot. How the sweat just seems to gleam—" her eyes became starry and she looked up at the ceiling. Why was I standing here again?

"Is this getting somewhere?"

"Right. Sorry. Anyway, it seems his girlfriend, well I should say ex, broke up with him because he was caught cheating on her with some college chick. A college chick! Insane!"

I pretended to gasp. I held my hand over my mouth. She was deceived by this every time.

"I'm going to go to class now." I pointed over to the direction where I should have been sitting and paying attention ten minutes ago.

My first class was Calculus, and what a coincidence, the now single Chad Gousman was in the same class as me. When I entered the room, the teacher told me how I was tardy, how it will no longer be accepted, and went into a whole rant how he will now demote your grade by a whole letter each time you are late. Shamefully, I went to the back of the room and sat in the corner. It was the only seat open, which was surprising, because I thought the back corner was an optimal seat.

Chad Gousman liked to look at girls. From what I have seen in this class, even when he was dating, he would just stare at you for a few minutes then go back to stare at the board. When I entered, he stared at me. I always felt so offended and wanted to tell him to screw off, but I was not that blunt of a person. Unlike other times, it seemed Chad was staring at me the entire class.

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