"Never Again"
People often search for miles and miles,
Climbing hills to find their graveyard of smiles.
Will I ever find my hiding place of fate?
Could somebody ever live a life of hate?

And you will know us from the trail of dead,
Catchy tunes run through our heads.
Trek some more down the desolate road,
To find another dying alone.

Statistics show that you have raped,
You have raped me, my smile you can take.
Unleashed a sense of fury, unleashed the dragon fire,
You've caged my special thoughts on living as a liar.

One case of the special fluids gets me through the day,
Another case will simply make me run away.
Or would you want that to happen my dear?
Run away forever, or even only a year?

I've done nothing to deserve this, or maybe I have?
The irony escapes me, the irony was bad?
The death and soil greet me as I meet my doom,
I was locked inside your brain, loved inside your room.

The first time I laid eyes on you, it will be my last,
Because I'm here to say I'm gone, or maybe I'm just glass.
You see right through me, and I'm so very unclear,
On where to spend the rest of my time, sulking about my dear.

A knock-knock greets me at my door, the handle feels so heavy,
I don't want to let you in, but my conscious - it must let me.
The door creaks open, you popped in,
Yeah, you guessed it, I can't win.

It won't stop, never it seems,
You've left behind my unfinished dreams.
You've left behind my unfinished dreams,
It won't stop, never it seems.

A grim message to deal with, in this day and age,
Turns out all along, I wasn't in your cage.
Just a trap I almost fell for, but I cleanly avoided,
Now that I'm past that, all that's left would be the void.

Good-bye's never come too easy, but then again, neither did you.
The lasting message of your love, left me falling out of my shoes.
But the time has come, for me to leave, I leave you now, never to grieve.
I say I'm gone and you believed me,
And now it's time to stop the dreaming.

I woke up, I stood up,
I smartened up, I lightened up.
You were never here, I was never there,
I feel so relieved that it wasn't really your hair.

A figment of my dreams that last too long it seems,
But now I feel better and it's time to leave.
Never to grieve, as I said,
Never again to sleep in that same bed.