"Morning Glory"
The town is gone, the people forsaken,
Why have I been thinking of you?
The tribal suns all look at me,
Shining in orange, green, and blue.

I love you more than you love life,
How could I feel this way?
I've been here for such a long time,
Yet I feel I just stepped off the train.

Air, Trees, Water, Animals,
Please break out and save me.
Carve a deer into the stands,
Why did you awake so early?

Morning glory?
I am sorry,
For waking early,
Please forgive me.
Morning glory?
My power source,
White glowing horse,
Please forgive me.

Make your demands in innocent blood,
Try as I must to fulfill the trust.
I awoke too early one morning to find,
That you had run away with my life.

It is desire's source,
It is life's destiny.
The gaze less stare,
Horrible story of,
Leave the glory of,
The murder glove.
Behold the story,
My morning glory.