Only Yesterday





I felt unwanted and betrayed when you left

We vowed to stay friends, but you left me bereft

I felt alone when I saw you lifeless

Your blood, all over the place…


It was only yesterday, I saw you

You were lively and cheery, but now

No breathing, no movement, not even your friendly smile

Right then I knew, I lost you


Since that evening of yesterday, I held your blade

Thinking of making the same fate you made

No note came from you, not even a "goodbye"

Exactly, why did you have to die?


It seems like it was yesterday

When we hung out together

But, now that's gone, I've lost my past,

All because I lost you


My past is left, in the darkness of time

My memories left in forlorn hope

Remembering you is almost like a crime

Breakin' my heart, hard to cope

Why did you do it? That's all I ask

Only yesterday, we promised

That the two of us stay as one


Now my other half is gone forever

I've lost all hope because of you

Only yesterday, my past left me

Now it is today, like my friend, I am gone…