People race through
the streets not
caring who they
will knock down next.
They laugh as
they scurry by.
Just for a moment
showing me their wrath.
As I struggle
through the sea
of people, one hand
reaches down and
lifts me to my feet.
Because of it
I still survive...
Because of it
I can survive...
Beacuse of it
I will survive...
I shall not allow
myself to drown.
I am pulled
up into the light,
allowing me to stare
into "those" eyes. I
wondered if I had
ended it and died.
But, "those" eyes
told me otherwise.
They said I was
alive and safe.
"Those" eyes that
I adore go so well
with his soft, sweet
face and warm hug.
But, looking deep
in "those" eyes
I see something
a constant darkness...
Anger and Sadness...
My saviour is drowning
now in the sea
of people racing
around him. Pain
tears and rips at him.
I stand with
my hand extended
reaching for him
hoping to pull him
back to his feet.
He needs my
help as I need
his. Thank you
for helping me
survive. I will
return the favor.
You are truely
why I still survive
and will always
survive... Lots of love!