The night drew on,
The wind grew strong.
The woodwork creaked,
The news was wrong.

I was without,
I saw no sun.
I was not safe,
I had no one.

The rain poured hard,
The windows broke.
The lights went out,
The voice then spoke.

You'll die in here,
You'll die alone.
You'll lose it all,
You're on your own.

A tear then formed,
A bolt then struck.
A tear then fell,
A fear got stuck.

What is my hope?
What if I die?
What if it's right?
What was this lie?

There was one option,
There was a choice.
There was a hope,
There was no voice!

I prayed to God,
I kept my faith.
I knew he'd hear,
I know I'm safe.

My heart then raced,
My soul felt light.
My faith was strong,
My prayer had might.

The storm then passed,
My prayer had won.
A smile emerged,
I saw the sun!