Authors Note: -smiles- ^^ well, this is my first original story! Let me give you some info so you guys will semi-understand XD Numi~ hes a boy, about the age of 16. He wears this amulet, that his father gave him when he was very young. His father left him because of his sic- ^^ well you'll see. Anyways, that amulet has a curse in it, that fully affects Numi. It is permantly stuck to him, imagine this amulet crazyglued to your body. O.o() anyways, the curse happens at every full moon at the end of each month ( this was when Numi's father had left him)

^0^ and this is suppose to be a drama/comical/fantasy/lovable story ^^! So and review! Enjoy!! Remember:

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"D-daddy! P-please!! NO!! DON'T GO!!" He cried as he begged and grabbed his father's coat, tears and more tears streaming down the young boys face.

The dad closed his eyes and frowned as he pushed the boy away, " I'm doing this for yours and your mothers sake. "

He cried louder as the salty badges kept streaming, " M-MOMMY IS SICK!!! SHES SO SICK, AND YOU LEAVE US WHEN SHE ABOUT TO DIE!!" He screamed in agony, " H-HOW ARE YOU HELPING US?! DADDY!! PLEASE!!"

The father sighed deeply, and kneeled next to him as he held an amulet up from his pocket. It glowed a strange glow; its green jewels somehow shimmered in the darkness of the night. The pure gold shined at the edges and the big red circle remained in the middle. " Take this.."

He looked up at it as his tears began to glisten at the reflection of the jewels, "..I-is a goodbye present?"

The father smiled sadly and put it on the boy, " Yes...I guess it is." The father stood up and began on his way down the dusty road, " Please, take care of your mother.and watch out.for the full moons. "

He chocked back his tears as he watched his father disappear off the road, " Goodbye..Daddy.." he clutched the amulet tight in his right hand, "..I will Daddy..I will.."

" HEY! Watch where you're going you stupid boy!" A man yelled as he pushed the boy down.

The boy's sky blue hair that was tied in a small ponytail broke in half as he hit the ground, the impact of his body made a dent in the bare dirt. " I- I'm sorry Sir! I d-didn't mean to!"

The mans dirty face glared down at the boy as he spit on the ground, " Stupid kids.." he picked up his dropped belongings and climbed on his horse. He than rode off, leaving a trail of dust in the boys face.

He coughed and gagged a bit, than sighed deeply and looked up at the sky with sorrowful eyes, " Mother..why aren't you here with me now...?" He put his hands in his pockets but soon was knocked over again.

This time a man in armor stood in front of him. He looked down at the boy with expressionless eyes, "I've finally found you..."

The boy looked up at the man, fright in his eyes, " W-what? "

The man pulled him up by his shirt and sternly said, " What is your name?"

" N-numi ,sir! P-please.I-I didn't do anything!" The boy stuttered as his body slightly shook.

The man laughed coldy and grinned at Numi, " Well, thanks. You have just made your way to the cold bars of jail, son." He took Numi's arm as he dragged him down to the town jail, " I've found him, Sir" He dropped Numi on the ground, the sound of his fall echoed through the town police office.

Numi shook in fright as the head police spoke, " it true that you commited the murder of." the police opened the file, " Hoshiro Ankara?"

Numi stopped as he stared blankly at the police, his whole body began to shake, " M-my..MY MOTHER?!" He yelled as his voice echoed through the halls, " WHY THE HELL WOULD I EVEN THINK OF KILLING MY MOTHER?! SHE WAS THE ONLY PERSON I HAD LEFT!! THE ONLY PERSON I COULD HOLD ONTO! And you think..YOU THINK I KILLED HER?!"

The police frowned as he stood up, " SON, IM ASKING YOU IF YOU DID, OR DID NOT COMMIT THIS CRIME?!"

Numi sat himself on the ground, and was plainly shaking. A word didn't escape his mouth as the police asked over and over. His whole world started to spin, everything gone blank.

The world gone from his mind, his soul, his heart. His mother?..of all people..

He slowly opened his eyes and found himself on the cold floor. He looked up and saw bars of steel, a dirty cot on his left, and a lock. He was in..Jail.